Monday, May 29, 2017

Road trip to Texas!


This week has been crazy busy! We also got a little food poisoned but we are alive and well :)

We have been visiting a bunch of members on the roster that nobody has any idea if they live there or not and we have met quite a few people who are really nice and open to having members of the church come by which is really cool!

We are trying to do a lot of member missionary work! We have been setting up appointments to meet with the ward council leaders and their presidencies. So far we only met with the Primary President, Sister Ferreria, from the Edmond 2nd ward. It was a super good meeting though and she gave us a list of kids we can visit and teach the discussion too. Most of them are already baptized except for one!

We went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. It was fun but they literally called us like the day before and wouldn't take no for an answer. The 7th ward is huge and is impossible to bike so Elder Holcomb and I just drove to different places all throughout the day. It was nice getting out of the City!!

Speaking of getting out of the city.....WE WENT TO TEXAS!! Elder Hilton, the office elder, needed to go take a car to the Sisters in Wichita Falls and pack up Elder and Sister Johnson's old apartment so we got to go help! In Wichita Falls we ate at an investigators house for lunch and he has a food truck. He kept bringing us plates of 5 tacos each and everyone was like WOAH THIS IS SO MUCH FOOD so the Sisters of course stopped after their first plate and Elder Hilton didn't eat to much but Elder Shira and I had to finish it all!!! So I ended up eating around 16 Tacos and Elder Shira had around 22. We were stuffed but they were SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! 😍

Being in Vernon again was so weird! There was quite a few members at the apartment ready to help us load everything into the trailer and I got to see Robert Gomez!!! He was so excited to see me! It was a really fun road trip!!

Well that is about all the exciting stuff. Remember who you are, make good choices!!
Elder Brisk ✌

Road Trip to TEXAS!!!

I also got this cool feather and called myself a Lamanite! :)

​Elder Shira tried chasing geese away and then crashed...
he's lucky they didn't try attacking him!

Exchanges with Elder Holcomb in the outskirts of OKC

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