Monday, September 26, 2016

Baptism and bed bugs!!


This week Elder Clarke and I got to taste a little bit of Hell. If you haven't heard already, WE GOT BED BUGS!! 😭 They are the most disgusting, terrifying little bugs you will ever see. I wouldn't wish them on ANYONE!!! It all started with some bites on our legs and ankles. We had a suspicion that it could be bed bugs so one day we decided to search our beds. Sure enough we found 1! then 2 and 3 and some more. Luckily we caught it early so we didn't have a huge infestation but 1 is to much for me! We called Terminex and they sent their inspector over because they do free "thourough" inspections. He didn't find a single sign of bed bugs...Not one bug, one sign, NOT ANYTHING!! Luckily we caught a bed bug in tape to show him and he said it was a bed bug but he couldn't find anymore in the beds, couches, etc. Well we didn't believe him so we looked again and after 10 seconds of looking at my mattress I found like 6 of them with blood spots and the whole shabang! The biggest blessing was that the best mission president in the world (President Mansell) said we could get hotel with personal funds. We got to enjoy queen sized beds, and complimentary breakfast...So thanks MOM and DAD for saving my life 😘

Somehow we had Robert Gomez's baptism while dealing with all this bed bug madness!! Robert's baptism was so awesome! We got Sister Gomez to give the talk on baptism and she did so well!! Everyone was teary eyed the whole time! She has waited so long for this day to come and now it is here. Robert is my favorite!! He is so humble and kind. I am so thankful I was able to be apart of his baptism :)

This week we also got a referral for a guy named David Bolton. It said he had a family too so we rushed over to his house as soon as we could!! David is a 5ft tall black guy. He is so cool! We taught him the Restoration and he wanted us to share it with his family. So we went back after church and watched the Restoration video with his family. David is married to a lady named Krystal and they have 4 kids. Devontae, Demetrius, Nakiya, and Kaleeyah. Kaleeyah sat by me and kept saying "I Luv You!" She is so cute!!! The other kids were so excited to get their own Book of Mormon and they kept saying they already know it's true and they would be baptized! Demetrius said the closing prayer and in his prayer he said "We thank you for makin' man and woman, makin' kids" and we busted up laughing when we left! They are so getting baptized!

So a while ago at church this random little girl came up to me and said she wanted to be baptized!! We finally were able to teach her this week along with her 2 siblings, Amara and Jaxon. They were all down to be baptized and we were so excited for them. They are related to the Logsdon's and apparently the grandma isn't down with the church so the baptism might be up in the air right now. Kylie said at church she isn't getting baptized until she is 20 and her grandma will probably be dead by then and I was like "STOP THAT IS TERRIBLE!!"

This week was such an adventure!! Now if we can get the whole branch to shut up about us having bed bugs!

I hope you are gearing up for conference!! You better watch it...ALL OF IT!!!

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

Roberts Baptism!!!!! 💙💙

   Hotel night #1 at the local Days Inn in Vernon TX

Hotel night #2
The Vernon Hotel

Hotel night #3
Holiday Inn & Suites. They even had a shower taller than me!!!

Hiding from these Demons in our car. Gweela is so reliable :)

We found out we get 1700 miles a month instead of 1300 so we are pretty excited!! :)
Gweela is getting old!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

"We all have a Testimony from the pre-existence, we just suffer from amnesia"


Not sure if I am in Texas or Washington because it literally has rained all week!

This week we had our Zone Conference in Lawton. It was a lot of fun to see all my friends from the mission. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures...I have no idea why not??

We found some new people that we will hopefully be able to start teaching! We are excited to increase our teaching pool especially because Robert is getting baptized Saturday..

ROBERT GOMEZ IS GETTING BAPTIZED! I love Robert! He is so cool. He is one of the most humble guys I know. His neighbor was somehow in need of food, water, and other things. He does't have much but he did everything he could to help her out. The amount of love he has for others is incredible! We will be holding his baptism service on Saturday at 11 AM and his wife, Sister Gomez, will be giving the talk on baptism. She keeps trying to make us do it but I know she will do awesome at it! plus Robert won't let her pawn it off on us :)

So a member told us to see this random guy chilling outside her house. We talked with him and he said he believes in the priesthood and Joseph Smith and all this stuff. He is just confused which church it is in. He is the Bishop at his church, the pillar of truth. We went to his house and when we walked in there was literally no furniture but a couch and a few chairs. Some random sketchy guy was sitting on the couch while we taught Robert. To make a long story short Robert and I began arguing for about 5-10 minutes and then when I gave up of trying to explain a principle to him I started bearing my testimony and he told me I was "just talking now" Elder Clarke decided to jump in and say something that stopped us bickering back and forth. I was literally about to take my tag off and destroy him. Good thing I have Elder Clarke with me! :)

We went to Seymour on Thursday and got to help this lady named Shana Thompson out. She was referred to us by a member in Wichita Falls and she is open to hearing our message! She is so cool! We are helping her turn a 3 story building into her photography studio and apartment. We are so excited to work with her! Unfortunately we didn't get to teach anyone else in Seymour because a severe storm came in out of nowhere and we had to get back to Vernon.

I was able to attend a Missionary Leadership Counsel meeting (MLC) this last Saturday. We had Elder Pearson from the quorum of the seventy there. I absolutely love Elder Pearson. He taught us through the Holy Ghost instead of his knowledge. I was able to receive a lot of revelation for how I can constantly improve. He talked about so many things with us but the best part was about testimonies and when he bore his. He said we all have a testimony from the Pre-existence, we just suffer from amnesia and can't remember because of the veil. I talk to many people each day and I know they all have a testimony. We just have to help them remember. I hope you will seek to regain the testimony you once had before coming to the earth. Share it will everyone and the Lord God will bless you.

Start preparing for General Conference! We are blessed to live in a day where we have a living prophet. His words are more important than the scriptures or passed prophets. Now is the time to start spiritually preparing to learn from the Brethren! I hope you're excited for Conference!!!! :)

Alright have a good week!

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

I freakin love Brother Logsdon 😂

Service in Seymour!!

I thought I left the slugs in Alva! :'(

This is the coolest sunrise of my entire mission!

This is the severe storm we had in Seymour...I didn't get my tornado though :(

WHAT!?!?!? 😂

Saw this on our way to Lawton!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Working in Seymour once a week is the best!


This week we have been doing a little bit of finding. Unfortunately we haven't had much success. We have like 20 investigators on our board but we are only teaching like 6 of them. The rest of them are M.I.A.

Robert is still on date to be baptized on September 24th. I don't know who is more excited! Us or him?! Robert is so ready to get baptized! Now it is just a matter of teaching him all the lessons and getting his interview before the 24th. We can do it!!

We met with Bill and Gail again. It has been a while since we met with them. Bill is a hardcore baptist and Gail just loves every church. She said that when her husband dies she will join our church and that she likes things about our church A LOT more than the baptist church and just basically sat there roasting her own husband in front of us. It is funny but she said we can teach her the lessons and she will also be taking them at her sisters house elsewhere in Texas. Lucky for us we get to be the ones that baptize her :)

I think the highlight of our week was working in Seymour on Thursday. We were able to meet with a Less active member. He was part of the Mexican mafia before he was baptized and his testimony is so cool! He said he is a happier guy. He is always smiling and it is contagious!. His name is Esmerjildo but we call him Reji.

We also taught Kellie again this week. We covered more about the pre-existence with her. We had Elder Johnson. He taught at BYU for a long time so he knows the scriptures front and back! He helped her understand the pre-existence a lot more. She still hasn't come to church though! That is the tough part about our mission. People don't like to go to church!!!

We taught Amanda and she is going to be working on her smoking. Apparently missionaries told her she wasn't aloud to drink caffeine and so she hasn't been to hopeful about joining the church. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and made sure we cleared any miscommunication up. There was quite a bit...

Working in Seymour once a week is the best! We are always busy when we go down there. We got a referral from a member in Wichita Falls for a lady in Seymour. We just need people to give us referrals for Vernon!! The struggle is real..

Pray for our teaching pool to grow! We need some solid people who are ready for the gospel!

This week we have a Zone conference in Lawton and then on Saturday I have a leadership meeting where Elder Pearson of the seventy is coming to our mission! I am so excited to go to OKC to meet him!

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

The tan line is getting more and more prominent...

 Some stalker pics of our landlord Mrs. Chapman. 
We call her granny and her cats always poop right in front of our door!!

This is Cameron. He lives in Seymour and absolutely loves Elder Clarke!