Monday, September 12, 2016

Working in Seymour once a week is the best!


This week we have been doing a little bit of finding. Unfortunately we haven't had much success. We have like 20 investigators on our board but we are only teaching like 6 of them. The rest of them are M.I.A.

Robert is still on date to be baptized on September 24th. I don't know who is more excited! Us or him?! Robert is so ready to get baptized! Now it is just a matter of teaching him all the lessons and getting his interview before the 24th. We can do it!!

We met with Bill and Gail again. It has been a while since we met with them. Bill is a hardcore baptist and Gail just loves every church. She said that when her husband dies she will join our church and that she likes things about our church A LOT more than the baptist church and just basically sat there roasting her own husband in front of us. It is funny but she said we can teach her the lessons and she will also be taking them at her sisters house elsewhere in Texas. Lucky for us we get to be the ones that baptize her :)

I think the highlight of our week was working in Seymour on Thursday. We were able to meet with a Less active member. He was part of the Mexican mafia before he was baptized and his testimony is so cool! He said he is a happier guy. He is always smiling and it is contagious!. His name is Esmerjildo but we call him Reji.

We also taught Kellie again this week. We covered more about the pre-existence with her. We had Elder Johnson. He taught at BYU for a long time so he knows the scriptures front and back! He helped her understand the pre-existence a lot more. She still hasn't come to church though! That is the tough part about our mission. People don't like to go to church!!!

We taught Amanda and she is going to be working on her smoking. Apparently missionaries told her she wasn't aloud to drink caffeine and so she hasn't been to hopeful about joining the church. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and made sure we cleared any miscommunication up. There was quite a bit...

Working in Seymour once a week is the best! We are always busy when we go down there. We got a referral from a member in Wichita Falls for a lady in Seymour. We just need people to give us referrals for Vernon!! The struggle is real..

Pray for our teaching pool to grow! We need some solid people who are ready for the gospel!

This week we have a Zone conference in Lawton and then on Saturday I have a leadership meeting where Elder Pearson of the seventy is coming to our mission! I am so excited to go to OKC to meet him!

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

The tan line is getting more and more prominent...

 Some stalker pics of our landlord Mrs. Chapman. 
We call her granny and her cats always poop right in front of our door!!

This is Cameron. He lives in Seymour and absolutely loves Elder Clarke!

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