Monday, September 26, 2016

Baptism and bed bugs!!


This week Elder Clarke and I got to taste a little bit of Hell. If you haven't heard already, WE GOT BED BUGS!! πŸ˜­ They are the most disgusting, terrifying little bugs you will ever see. I wouldn't wish them on ANYONE!!! It all started with some bites on our legs and ankles. We had a suspicion that it could be bed bugs so one day we decided to search our beds. Sure enough we found 1! then 2 and 3 and some more. Luckily we caught it early so we didn't have a huge infestation but 1 is to much for me! We called Terminex and they sent their inspector over because they do free "thourough" inspections. He didn't find a single sign of bed bugs...Not one bug, one sign, NOT ANYTHING!! Luckily we caught a bed bug in tape to show him and he said it was a bed bug but he couldn't find anymore in the beds, couches, etc. Well we didn't believe him so we looked again and after 10 seconds of looking at my mattress I found like 6 of them with blood spots and the whole shabang! The biggest blessing was that the best mission president in the world (President Mansell) said we could get hotel with personal funds. We got to enjoy queen sized beds, and complimentary breakfast...So thanks MOM and DAD for saving my life πŸ˜˜

Somehow we had Robert Gomez's baptism while dealing with all this bed bug madness!! Robert's baptism was so awesome! We got Sister Gomez to give the talk on baptism and she did so well!! Everyone was teary eyed the whole time! She has waited so long for this day to come and now it is here. Robert is my favorite!! He is so humble and kind. I am so thankful I was able to be apart of his baptism :)

This week we also got a referral for a guy named David Bolton. It said he had a family too so we rushed over to his house as soon as we could!! David is a 5ft tall black guy. He is so cool! We taught him the Restoration and he wanted us to share it with his family. So we went back after church and watched the Restoration video with his family. David is married to a lady named Krystal and they have 4 kids. Devontae, Demetrius, Nakiya, and Kaleeyah. Kaleeyah sat by me and kept saying "I Luv You!" She is so cute!!! The other kids were so excited to get their own Book of Mormon and they kept saying they already know it's true and they would be baptized! Demetrius said the closing prayer and in his prayer he said "We thank you for makin' man and woman, makin' kids" and we busted up laughing when we left! They are so getting baptized!

So a while ago at church this random little girl came up to me and said she wanted to be baptized!! We finally were able to teach her this week along with her 2 siblings, Amara and Jaxon. They were all down to be baptized and we were so excited for them. They are related to the Logsdon's and apparently the grandma isn't down with the church so the baptism might be up in the air right now. Kylie said at church she isn't getting baptized until she is 20 and her grandma will probably be dead by then and I was like "STOP THAT IS TERRIBLE!!"

This week was such an adventure!! Now if we can get the whole branch to shut up about us having bed bugs!

I hope you are gearing up for conference!! You better watch it...ALL OF IT!!!

Love Elder Brisk πŸ’™

That is all.

Roberts Baptism!!!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™

   Hotel night #1 at the local Days Inn in Vernon TX

Hotel night #2
The Vernon Hotel

Hotel night #3
Holiday Inn & Suites. They even had a shower taller than me!!!

Hiding from these Demons in our car. Gweela is so reliable :)

We found out we get 1700 miles a month instead of 1300 so we are pretty excited!! :)
Gweela is getting old!!!

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