Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Love your neighbor!


Lesson 1: NEVER EVER EVER buy a Toyota.
Well we got our car fixed and then it started making a weird groggy and grinding sound. We got that fixed and now there is a constant vibrating noise. We just need a new car..

This week we have been trying to find more people to teach. We haven't had to much success yet. We have found people who will talk to us but nobody that is super solid..YET!

We were knocking doors and we met Erin. Erin use to be a witness, we didn't know what that meant and she explained it was a Jehovah Witness, so we started talking about the Book of Mormon and she said she had met with missionaries before and read the entire Book of Mormon in a day and a half. I told her that was awesome but I couldn't study it that fast and so we asked her if she would be willing to prayerfully study it and she said yes! We have an appointment with her today and we are excited to meet with her!

We taught Beetle Bailey this week with Elder Johnson. Beetle is a very odd guy. He lives in a trailer and it always stinks! The Branch doesn't even like him which is sad because he is a great guy! Ever since we first started visiting him we have seem an increase in interest in him. He wouldn't let us leave this time! All he needs is love and the branch isn't giving him that. It is hard to help him because he literally knows EVERYTHING. He actually listened in church growing up unlike me...whoops! It is amazing what can happen when you show someone you care about them. So love your neighbor! :)

On Thursday we were able to meet with Kellie again. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and the only thing she wasn't sure about was the Pre-existence. It was the most in depth Plan of Salvation lesson ever! Brother Harnist talked about us being an intelligence and it was crazy. It was a good lesson for Kellie though! A couple days later we talked with Kellie on the phone and came to find out she has accepted the Pre-existence and is even talking about it with her friends and they think she's crazy! Kellie is so getting baptized!!

We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this last weekend. Last time they ate all our food so Elder Clarke and I hid a lot of our food at the church!! They were complaining about us not having food! It was so funny! 😂

I was with Elder Smith and we did a lot of tracting. We talked to quite a bit of people and were able to get some return appointments. We are meeting with a guy named Charles later tonight. He said he is on a mission to share Jesus Christ with everyone! He talks a lot too! He also wanted us to come to his house in gym clothes so he can be our personal trainers...I am so excited to see what happens when we don't show up in gym clothes! :)

We sorta met with Paul! Finally!! He said that his church is actually starting to treat him like a member and the pastor took all the ushers and him to get fitted for suites. So now we have to work extra hard with Paul. We bore testimony of the church and Book of Mormon to Paul and committed him to read and pray about it and he said he would read before he went to bed. He didn't show up to church though :(

Tom is at 11 cigarettes!! He is doing so good at cutting back on cigarettes. He is already in Mosiah and it has been like 2 weeks. I love Tom's dedication to keep the commandments and he is already recognizing the blessings the Word of Wisdom promises us! Keep him in your prayers!

At church the Johnson's taught Robert and afterwards they said he is so ready to be baptized. We wanted to move his date up so he could be baptized sooner than September 24th but we are still trying to figure everything out. We taught Robert the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! He bore testimony about this church being true and how it answers questions he has had for years! I am so excited to Robert to get baptized!! Please keep him in your prayers so we can help him prepare for baptism!

The gospel is so true. Sometimes we might not feel happy living the gospel but it is the only thing that will bring us LASTING happiness. Remember to study the scriptures diligently and prayerfully. Grow your testimony and share it with someone this week! It is a great feeling to feel the Holy Ghost working through you :)

Love Elder Brisk

That is all.

We met a guy who gave us some free peppers and some Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce!

Beetle's house...

50 Cent corn dog day at Sonic!

Piano from 1864 that Sister Johnson and I got to play! It needed to be tuned

Huddle House is the place to be on Wednesdays!

It literally rains everyday in Vernon...

Our street turned into a river!

We found this umbrella in the closet and had to take some model pictures with it ☔

Zone P-Day in Wichita Falls!

 Sunsets are so cool out here!

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