Monday, December 28, 2015

Longest week of my mission life!


This was by far the longest week of my mission life!

Day 1: (Monday) We had zone P day, STM (little meeting for all the missionaries in the zone) and then had to finish Christmas shopping as well. It was a very busy day but we survived!

Day 2: We didn't have any appointments so we went out and tried to see a bunch of people but didn't have much luck. We had dinner and then went to the Middleton's. We are teaching a girl named Shaylyn. She is pretty much the Middleton's daughter in law she just isn't married. She is pregnant with their second kid though so teaching the Law of Chastity will be fun :) They gave us Christmas Presents and I got a really cool navy blue tie! I like it a lot.

Day 3: We were doing our normal service at the Food Bank in Moore and the phone rings. Elder Neves yells at me to go to him and tells me one of the members wants to talk to me so I answer "Hello this is Elder Brisk" and then My dad is on the phone! I was like wait what? Turns out he bought a new truck and was on his way home! President Walkenhorst said he could take Elder Neves and I to lunch. Of course I made my cheap dad take us to pricey Mexican restaurant named TED's. We got him hooked on it and every time the waiter came and asked how we were doing he just said so good yeah! good job! Its delicious! He is crazy! It was really good to see my dad though and surprisingly I didn't get trunky! Then after we had a huge/late lunch we had a dinner appointment at Olive Garden at 5 and I thought I was going to explode!

Day 4: CHRISTMAS EVE! So we don't get to go proselyte on Christmas or Christmas Eve so we hung out with the sisters and visited a lot of members in the ward. We got to see Brother and Sister Bolinger! I thought they vanished forever! Sister Bolinger and Ronnie seem to be doing much better. They have started smoking again but they said they can quit again because this time surgery won't stress them out and make them relapse. They are taking us to North Pole City on Thursday this week and I am very excited! I miss hanging out with Ronnie! He got baptized my second week in the mission! Then we went to the Woods and went caroling for 2 hours and had a little devotional. Then they gave us each a box of cereal! Since Elder Neves is Peruvian a thing they do is stay up until Midnight and if they do they get to open their presents. Otherwise they have to wait until the morning. Well he cheated and went to sleep and set an alarm for 11:59. Little turd!

Day 5: CHRISTMAS DAY! I got up and opened my presents! I got some really neat stuff! Nothing any of you worldly people would benefit from but as a missionary they were some awesome presents! Then we went to the church and made biscuits and gravy and then after breakfast we had a white elephant party! I got a thing of sausage...We all got/gave weird an funny presents! unfortunately an Elder didn't get the present with sister things. It was definitely made for an Elder though. That is why it is funny! Then we went and skyped our families! I got to see my dad, Jerod, my mom, Shoni, and my sister, Tylee. To my amazement I found out that the nice headphones I bought my sister for the next 2 birthdays and Christmas' were broken because she can't keep anything in working order. Little Turd! We were all socially awkward because we all forgot what we wanted to talk about so they showed me their Christmas presents and Then took selfies with the TV. Yes I was on the TV. Then we went to the Elliots and had a huge Christmas dinner. We sang Christmas songs to them and played card games. We chit chatted a little and then at night when the missionaries were all there again we played Karaoke and we are the funniest bunch of missionaries ever! I really enjoyed my first Christmas away fro home!

Day 6 and 7: After 65 degree weather on Christmas a huge winter storm came in on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday we were confined to our apartment and I have never been so bored! Cars were grounded. We couldn't get anywhere. Oh we also live on the 2nd floor so that was fun! not.... So we sat in our apartment and studied, napped, studied, napped and the process continued. A member did pick us up for dinner and then we watched 17 miracles with them and the Sisters bawled because they're sisters.

That was my week. Long, warm, then really cold, exciting and boring.

The New year will be here in just a couple of days! This is the best time of the year. We all have areas we can improve on and what better time of the year to improve. Maybe it is reading, praying, going to church, not being lazy, drinking to much swig, Psh who am I kidding you could never have to much of that! Or maybe you are one of those people who are on a diet every other day. Well if you are I have some good news for you. You have until Thursday at midnight to eat all the no diet foods you want. A cheat week if you will.

Whatever things you need to improve on, IMPROVE THEM! Make this year the best year yet! We live in the latter days and Jesus could come any day! Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Have a good week and a Happy New year!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.


Christmas breakfast! Serving in the City is by far the best!

White elephant party! No there wasn't really a white elephant there, Silly Goose!!

Christmas at the Elliot's!


Walking in a winter wonderland! jk it's just Oklahoma

Lunch with Dad!

Monday, December 21, 2015

My First Baptism!


This week was a very stressful week! But I managed to pull through.

The reason it was stressful is because I have been sick this whole week and Elder Neves threw his back out Wednesday Morning so we haven't been at the top of our game. We also had to prepare for a baptism all by ourselves. Our Ward Mission Leader decided to run off to Ecuador until January 9th and I had no idea how to set up a baptism let alone baptize someone. We had to find speakers for the baptism which was difficult because literally everyone is having family for the Holidays. Luckily we got the Bishop's wife and Sister Holley to give the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Sister Golding made the Baptism Programs and we got Sister Johnson to play the Piano.

Elisa and PJ got baptized!!!!! I got to baptize them and I must say that was the coolest thing ever! I was nervous but once I stepped into the water all my nerves were calmed and I was so excited to baptize them! I didn't even mess up! After I performed the baptisms we confirmed Pj and the rest of the night I felt so warm. It felt like I was wearing my electric blanket. Best day ever! I know that I was sent here to help the Valdez family. Sister Valdez got my very first priesthood blessing and Her daughter, Elisa, got my first baptism. I now feel content to get transferred. I know I have probably helped a lot of people but I know for a fact that the Valdez family was waiting for me. Wow being a missionary is so cool!

On Tuesday we had our Christmas Conference. It went from 8am to 8pm. Longest meeting on my mission yet! The tall guy (President Walkenhorst) Talked to us about the mission and how it is doing. He really focused on Baptisms. He wants us to get 100 Baptisms this transfer and that sounds like a lot. There are 90 areas in the mission so that means each companionship needs to get at least 1 baptism and then we will reach 90 baptism. We just had 2 so I think we contributed to the extra 10 the mission needs to meet the goal of 100. Hopefully we will be able to have Ray and Yesika Cordier get baptized.

Speaking of Ray and Yesika, Satan has been hitting them hard ever since we had the awesome lesson and committed them to work towards January 2nd as a baptismal date. We went over to have a lesson with them and Yesika wasn't home. Ray told us a little about what has been happening and why they didn't make it to church or the ward party. It is because their marriage is a little rocky and Satan knows that. We told Ray that we think him and Yesika need to do comp inventory. That is what us missionaries do. Pretty much we talk about our strengths and then we just lay on the stuff that annoys us about each other and then we try and work on our flaws. He thought that was a good idea! We also told him to talk to bishop and to PRAY!

Speaking of prayer, In Mosiah 4:11 it says "...I would that ye should remember, and always retain in remembrance, the greatness of God, and your own nothingness." I want you to read that entire scripture.

We need to always remember our Heavenly Father in our everyday lives. He created us and without him we would be and are nothing. He has blessed us with all the things we have and we often forget that. Remember in your prayerstonight to thank Him for all he has blessed you with and will bless you with.

I hope everyone is geared up for Christmas! Try not to get caught up in the presents and Santa Clause. Remember YOUR savior, Jesus Christ.

I know that he really is our savior and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can have true joy. I love this gospel and my calling as a missionary. There are people out there who the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel at this time and I am hear to devote all my time to serving Him by bringing the lost sheep back into the fold.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me as I have been out and during this Christmas season. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers very much!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Elisa and Pj after thier baptism. Look how clean they are!! WOW

Sometimes the Sisters say they look good and make us take a district picture...

The MTC district minus my companion Elder Ricks.

Christmas Conference was so fun!! Oh.. and that is our Mission President creepin in the back of our picture!

Monday, December 14, 2015



I hope Y'all are enjoying the winter over there in Utah. Here in Oklahoma we are still in the 50-60 degree weather. Last week we had a few days where it was above 70 degrees and it felt fantastic! We had to break out the short sleeve shirts!

We had transfers on Wednesday and Sister Boulter got transferred. She was transferred to Alpine, Utah. She finished her mission and is now a normal human being. People are probably calling her Meagan instead of Sister Boulter. Now I am the only original missionary left in OKC 2nd ward. By original I mean since I got here in August. I will most likely be getting transferred next transfer which is on January 20th. That will be 2 days short of my 6 month mark. Time flies when you're serving the lord!

This week we taught our investigator Barbara the stop smoking lesson. The very first step in the lesson is to take your cigarettes and crush them up. She didn't even have to hesitate. She is so awesome! We are talking to her everyday to make sure she doesn't smoke. The program is awesome! It is designed to help you quite smoking in 7 days by turning off the bells for a cigarette. Talk to your local missionaries if you have a loved one in need of some help.

So If you remember our eternigator Terry Stephens, the guy who has been studying with the missionaries for about 6 months, well he dropped us the other day. I was so sad because he was SO CLOSE! to being ready for baptism. After running through my head that he dropped us over and over again I said a prayer and realized that this happened for a reason. The best thing for him to do right now is to focus on his health and getting both feet on the ground. I know he will be baptized. Maybe not while I am here but I know that I impacted his life one way or another.

We have Elisa Valdez and Pj Secatero being baptized this Saturday at 8pm! I am so excited to see them get baptized because I have been here from the beginning with both of them. When we were at the Valdez home we were talking about the baptism with Elisa and asked her who she wanted to baptize her. We gave her a list of people she knows that could baptize her and after thinking about it for a little bit she wants ME to baptize her! I am so excited, happy, scared, nervous, etc. I don't know how to baptize someone and I don't want to mess up. I think back to my baptism when I had to go under about 5 times because my dear father couldn't get it right. It's OK I still love him! I realized that the very first blessing I ever gave was to Sister Valdez and now the very first baptism will be her daughter Elisa. That is SO COOL!

We taught Ray and Yesika Cordier the Plan of Salvation this week and talked about there baptism date for January 2nd. They had huge smiles on their faces the whole time we talked about baptism and they are so excited to be baptized. They said that they have waited long enough and they know this is what they need to do! I am so thankful that the lord has prepared them for us. I know that because of their desire to be baptized Satan is going to try and bring them down. I know that they are strong enough to not let him do that.

We had our ward party on Saturday and it was so cool! The theme was "Back to Bethlehem and the whole gym was decorated so cool! The food was like what you would eat back then. There was quite a bit of people there. Even some of our less active families that we haven't been able to see for a while.

Elder Neves and I helped build the Stable for the nativity play. My dear companion decided to slam my finger in the door of a truck bed. Somehow it closed with my pinky stuck inside the door and I just sat there and said um my finger is stuck and then he hurried and opened the door and then I said "OUCH!!!!!!" half of my finger is now blue and I am sure I will lose the nail. My pinky is very swollen and it hurts a lot trying to use it to type this. I took a paper clip and heated it up really really really hot and burned a hole in the middle of my nail to relieve the pressure so now it feels better but is still swollen and hurts. I will be sure to attach a picture for you guys!

I have gotten a few emails about the video "A Savior is Born" In Isaiah it lists a few other names for Jesus Christ. Some other names for him are: Messenger of Salvation, My Chosen, Son of Man, The Righteous, The Lamb, Creator, King of Zion, The Rock of Heaven, Messiah, Son of Righteousness, Emmanuel, Just One, Holy One, Alpha and Omega, Only Begotten, Brother, Savior, Friend, Father, Lord of the Harvest, Redeemer, Mediator, King of Kings, The First Born, Son of God. Each of his many different names convey an aspect of our Savior and what he has accomplished for us. I thought that was pretty cool.

I want everyone to share "A Savior is Born" with family, friends, members, non members, strangers, etc. Bear your testimony of the Savior and his atonement to them as well.

I now have a Christmas tree so if you were planning on sending me a Christmas present be sure to leave a note on the package that says to wait for Christmas so I don't open it early. I will put it under my tree!

I hope you all have an awesome week! Remember who you are, Make good choices, Choose the Right!

Sincerely Elder Brisk

That is all.

Look at my finger!! Yes it hurts a lot!

We did service at Christmas Connections and got to help a lot of people!

Sister Boulter is now home and is currently being called "Meagan"

Sister Jensen is the sister on the right. She is Sister Boulter's replacement. 
In the middle is Sister Susan Gates and she is my Oklahomie!

The Cookie baking squad aka Sister Johnson, Elder Neves and Sister Jensen.

Sister Dobie has a creepy Barbie doll collection....
p.s. she doesn't know I have these pictures...shhhhhh!

Watch the mormon message "After The Storm" 
This is the lady from it and I got a picture with her!

Even though I didn't eat it, it is probably the best quesadilla in the world!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thoughts, feelings, comments??


My mother is the only person that has emailed me about the video "A Savior is Born"
That means that you all need to repent and go watch the video at and then email me about your thoughts, feelings and comments.

Transfer calls were on Sunday. Elder Neves and I will be staying here. I am happy I am staying because there are so many people that are going to be baptized this transfer and I want to be here to teach them and be at their baptism.

This week was a pretty alright week. My companion and I are on better terms then we were. With the new video "A Savior is Born" we have gotten a lot of referrals. So far nothing golden but that can always change! We are either going to have a baptism this week or 2 baptisms next week. It is getting stressful with the Christmas season approaching.

We were able to teach Ray and Yesika Cordier the Plan of Salvation this week. We also set a baptismal date with them for January 2nd. Even though I feel like they are ready to be baptized this very second they can't because we still have to teach them all the lessons. They have been to church every week since we started teaching them and they are more involved then some of the members. They are golden! 

At church on Sunday our Bishop called us over and he introduced us to a Robert and Leslie Blevins. Leslie is a member and Robert is not. We got to escort them around church and talk to them. They told us we could come over and teach them more about the church. Robert said that it is time that they start going to church again and since his wife Leslie is Mormon he wants to learn more.

We had a lot of people cancel on us this week unfortunately. We weren't able to teach as many lessons as we thought we were going to be able to. Elder Neves was deathly ill on Friday so we had to spend most of the day letting him rest.

I don't have a lot to report on for this week which is weird. Usually I can't fit it all into the email.

There was a Christmas conference on Sunday night and for some reason they couldn't get the projector to work at the church so we sat and listened to it. I prefer to watch it but the message was still the same. If you didn't get to see it go and watch it on

Remember who you are, Make good choices, choose the right.

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Ice storm!


Yes I survived the Ice storm! If you didn't hear there was an ice storm then you have now! I even have pictures to prove it!

On Monday our Ward mission leader took us to this place called POPS. They have a bunch of different flavors of soda. They had things like cola, root beer, ranch dressing, sweet corn, grape, kitty piddle, etc. It was really fun!

Elisa Valdez is a 9 year old that we have been teaching and we have taught her all the lessons! She is going to be baptized on the 12th of December most likely and I'm so excited because I have taught Elisa from the get go! She was suppose to get baptized in October but we weren't able to teach her for a while because they had a lot on their plate.

We are also teaching another kid who is 10 and his name is Perry but he likes to be called PJ. He is on track to be baptized for the 12th of December as well! He really likes reading the little Book of Mormon story book we gave him. It is a lot easier for kids to read that instead of the real Book of Mormon. Plus the story book has pictures! So as of right now we have 2 baptisms for December

We taught our eternigator Terry Stephens. An eternigator is an investigator who has been studying with the missionaries for a long time and hasn't gotten baptized even though they have had all the lessons and what not. We read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him and had a really good discussion about it. Then we asked him if he believed Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said he thinks he is. I read one of my favorite quotes from President Ezra Taft Benson. it says, "If the Book of Mormon is true, then Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was his prophet, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and it is being led today by a prophet receiving revelation." I love that quote so much. So then I started going over the baptismal interview questions with him because I know he is ready to make that commitment and when I asked him if he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet he said YES! He changed from "I think so" to "YES!" in 1 minute. The spirit is so powerful! He is going to be baptized soon!! I just know it!

We were able to see Ray and Yesika Cordier, The family we had at church last week, and we read the Book of Mormon with them. They came to church again Sunday and they loved it just like the first time! They are golden. I can't believe how prepared they were for us. Sometimes we just have to be diligent in our finding efforts.

The Church has released a new Christmas Initiative video for this year. It is titled "A Savior is Born" You can find it by going to: Also watch last years video titled "He is the Gift"

I want everyone who reads this letter to watch that video! There is no denying that you can feel the spirit when you watch that video. After you watch the video I want you to email me the thoughts and feelings you had while you watched that video! I love that video so much and I know that you guys will as well! 

I am so thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. He atoned for ALL the sins of mankind so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. Remember Jesus Christ and what He has done for you during this Christmas Season.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Stay warm!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.
"Will you accept this rose?" Bachelor/Bachelorette
We had a crazy fun Thanksgiving!

We had so much fun at Pops!

 That is us trying to take a picture that looks like we are drinking
out of the giant soda sculpture!