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I hope Y'all are enjoying the winter over there in Utah. Here in Oklahoma we are still in the 50-60 degree weather. Last week we had a few days where it was above 70 degrees and it felt fantastic! We had to break out the short sleeve shirts!

We had transfers on Wednesday and Sister Boulter got transferred. She was transferred to Alpine, Utah. She finished her mission and is now a normal human being. People are probably calling her Meagan instead of Sister Boulter. Now I am the only original missionary left in OKC 2nd ward. By original I mean since I got here in August. I will most likely be getting transferred next transfer which is on January 20th. That will be 2 days short of my 6 month mark. Time flies when you're serving the lord!

This week we taught our investigator Barbara the stop smoking lesson. The very first step in the lesson is to take your cigarettes and crush them up. She didn't even have to hesitate. She is so awesome! We are talking to her everyday to make sure she doesn't smoke. The program is awesome! It is designed to help you quite smoking in 7 days by turning off the bells for a cigarette. Talk to your local missionaries if you have a loved one in need of some help.

So If you remember our eternigator Terry Stephens, the guy who has been studying with the missionaries for about 6 months, well he dropped us the other day. I was so sad because he was SO CLOSE! to being ready for baptism. After running through my head that he dropped us over and over again I said a prayer and realized that this happened for a reason. The best thing for him to do right now is to focus on his health and getting both feet on the ground. I know he will be baptized. Maybe not while I am here but I know that I impacted his life one way or another.

We have Elisa Valdez and Pj Secatero being baptized this Saturday at 8pm! I am so excited to see them get baptized because I have been here from the beginning with both of them. When we were at the Valdez home we were talking about the baptism with Elisa and asked her who she wanted to baptize her. We gave her a list of people she knows that could baptize her and after thinking about it for a little bit she wants ME to baptize her! I am so excited, happy, scared, nervous, etc. I don't know how to baptize someone and I don't want to mess up. I think back to my baptism when I had to go under about 5 times because my dear father couldn't get it right. It's OK I still love him! I realized that the very first blessing I ever gave was to Sister Valdez and now the very first baptism will be her daughter Elisa. That is SO COOL!

We taught Ray and Yesika Cordier the Plan of Salvation this week and talked about there baptism date for January 2nd. They had huge smiles on their faces the whole time we talked about baptism and they are so excited to be baptized. They said that they have waited long enough and they know this is what they need to do! I am so thankful that the lord has prepared them for us. I know that because of their desire to be baptized Satan is going to try and bring them down. I know that they are strong enough to not let him do that.

We had our ward party on Saturday and it was so cool! The theme was "Back to Bethlehem and the whole gym was decorated so cool! The food was like what you would eat back then. There was quite a bit of people there. Even some of our less active families that we haven't been able to see for a while.

Elder Neves and I helped build the Stable for the nativity play. My dear companion decided to slam my finger in the door of a truck bed. Somehow it closed with my pinky stuck inside the door and I just sat there and said um my finger is stuck and then he hurried and opened the door and then I said "OUCH!!!!!!" half of my finger is now blue and I am sure I will lose the nail. My pinky is very swollen and it hurts a lot trying to use it to type this. I took a paper clip and heated it up really really really hot and burned a hole in the middle of my nail to relieve the pressure so now it feels better but is still swollen and hurts. I will be sure to attach a picture for you guys!

I have gotten a few emails about the video "A Savior is Born" In Isaiah it lists a few other names for Jesus Christ. Some other names for him are: Messenger of Salvation, My Chosen, Son of Man, The Righteous, The Lamb, Creator, King of Zion, The Rock of Heaven, Messiah, Son of Righteousness, Emmanuel, Just One, Holy One, Alpha and Omega, Only Begotten, Brother, Savior, Friend, Father, Lord of the Harvest, Redeemer, Mediator, King of Kings, The First Born, Son of God. Each of his many different names convey an aspect of our Savior and what he has accomplished for us. I thought that was pretty cool.

I want everyone to share "A Savior is Born" with family, friends, members, non members, strangers, etc. Bear your testimony of the Savior and his atonement to them as well.

I now have a Christmas tree so if you were planning on sending me a Christmas present be sure to leave a note on the package that says to wait for Christmas so I don't open it early. I will put it under my tree!

I hope you all have an awesome week! Remember who you are, Make good choices, Choose the Right!

Sincerely Elder Brisk

That is all.

Look at my finger!! Yes it hurts a lot!

We did service at Christmas Connections and got to help a lot of people!

Sister Boulter is now home and is currently being called "Meagan"

Sister Jensen is the sister on the right. She is Sister Boulter's replacement. 
In the middle is Sister Susan Gates and she is my Oklahomie!

The Cookie baking squad aka Sister Johnson, Elder Neves and Sister Jensen.

Sister Dobie has a creepy Barbie doll collection....
p.s. she doesn't know I have these pictures...shhhhhh!

Watch the mormon message "After The Storm" 
This is the lady from it and I got a picture with her!

Even though I didn't eat it, it is probably the best quesadilla in the world!

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