Monday, December 28, 2015

Longest week of my mission life!


This was by far the longest week of my mission life!

Day 1: (Monday) We had zone P day, STM (little meeting for all the missionaries in the zone) and then had to finish Christmas shopping as well. It was a very busy day but we survived!

Day 2: We didn't have any appointments so we went out and tried to see a bunch of people but didn't have much luck. We had dinner and then went to the Middleton's. We are teaching a girl named Shaylyn. She is pretty much the Middleton's daughter in law she just isn't married. She is pregnant with their second kid though so teaching the Law of Chastity will be fun :) They gave us Christmas Presents and I got a really cool navy blue tie! I like it a lot.

Day 3: We were doing our normal service at the Food Bank in Moore and the phone rings. Elder Neves yells at me to go to him and tells me one of the members wants to talk to me so I answer "Hello this is Elder Brisk" and then My dad is on the phone! I was like wait what? Turns out he bought a new truck and was on his way home! President Walkenhorst said he could take Elder Neves and I to lunch. Of course I made my cheap dad take us to pricey Mexican restaurant named TED's. We got him hooked on it and every time the waiter came and asked how we were doing he just said so good yeah! good job! Its delicious! He is crazy! It was really good to see my dad though and surprisingly I didn't get trunky! Then after we had a huge/late lunch we had a dinner appointment at Olive Garden at 5 and I thought I was going to explode!

Day 4: CHRISTMAS EVE! So we don't get to go proselyte on Christmas or Christmas Eve so we hung out with the sisters and visited a lot of members in the ward. We got to see Brother and Sister Bolinger! I thought they vanished forever! Sister Bolinger and Ronnie seem to be doing much better. They have started smoking again but they said they can quit again because this time surgery won't stress them out and make them relapse. They are taking us to North Pole City on Thursday this week and I am very excited! I miss hanging out with Ronnie! He got baptized my second week in the mission! Then we went to the Woods and went caroling for 2 hours and had a little devotional. Then they gave us each a box of cereal! Since Elder Neves is Peruvian a thing they do is stay up until Midnight and if they do they get to open their presents. Otherwise they have to wait until the morning. Well he cheated and went to sleep and set an alarm for 11:59. Little turd!

Day 5: CHRISTMAS DAY! I got up and opened my presents! I got some really neat stuff! Nothing any of you worldly people would benefit from but as a missionary they were some awesome presents! Then we went to the church and made biscuits and gravy and then after breakfast we had a white elephant party! I got a thing of sausage...We all got/gave weird an funny presents! unfortunately an Elder didn't get the present with sister things. It was definitely made for an Elder though. That is why it is funny! Then we went and skyped our families! I got to see my dad, Jerod, my mom, Shoni, and my sister, Tylee. To my amazement I found out that the nice headphones I bought my sister for the next 2 birthdays and Christmas' were broken because she can't keep anything in working order. Little Turd! We were all socially awkward because we all forgot what we wanted to talk about so they showed me their Christmas presents and Then took selfies with the TV. Yes I was on the TV. Then we went to the Elliots and had a huge Christmas dinner. We sang Christmas songs to them and played card games. We chit chatted a little and then at night when the missionaries were all there again we played Karaoke and we are the funniest bunch of missionaries ever! I really enjoyed my first Christmas away fro home!

Day 6 and 7: After 65 degree weather on Christmas a huge winter storm came in on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday we were confined to our apartment and I have never been so bored! Cars were grounded. We couldn't get anywhere. Oh we also live on the 2nd floor so that was fun! not.... So we sat in our apartment and studied, napped, studied, napped and the process continued. A member did pick us up for dinner and then we watched 17 miracles with them and the Sisters bawled because they're sisters.

That was my week. Long, warm, then really cold, exciting and boring.

The New year will be here in just a couple of days! This is the best time of the year. We all have areas we can improve on and what better time of the year to improve. Maybe it is reading, praying, going to church, not being lazy, drinking to much swig, Psh who am I kidding you could never have to much of that! Or maybe you are one of those people who are on a diet every other day. Well if you are I have some good news for you. You have until Thursday at midnight to eat all the no diet foods you want. A cheat week if you will.

Whatever things you need to improve on, IMPROVE THEM! Make this year the best year yet! We live in the latter days and Jesus could come any day! Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Have a good week and a Happy New year!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.


Christmas breakfast! Serving in the City is by far the best!

White elephant party! No there wasn't really a white elephant there, Silly Goose!!

Christmas at the Elliot's!


Walking in a winter wonderland! jk it's just Oklahoma

Lunch with Dad!

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