Monday, January 4, 2016

The 3 Basics


It is now starting to feel like winter. Really missing my good ole Honda right now.

Our district has been baptizing a lot of people lately. We had a baptism on Tuesday and Wednesday night and we are expecting 2 baptisms for us next week on Saturday.

The baptism on Wednesday really cool to witness. A lady named Kiki who has no legs made the decision to get baptized. We were all wondering how the baptism was going to work but they did it! They ended up having 2 people in the font with her and they set her in a chair. When they went to immerse her they lifted her up and pulled the chair out from underneath. Unfortunately she was holding on to Elder Steed so they had to redo it.

For her to make the decision to be baptized must have been more difficult then anyone else. She knew that being baptized was the next step for her and she wasn't about to let her handicap stop her. I thought back to when we were teaching Terry Stephens and how he said he couldn't get baptized because of his medical issues. I realized that he wasn't ready to be baptized even though I thought he was. I know that we did our part in teaching him through the spirit but it just wasn't his time.

We were playing sports the morning of New Years Eve and Elder Curay dislocated his knee cap! It was so gross! The ambulance and everything came and gave him some pain medicine and took him to the hospital where he got his knee cap popped back into place. He has a huge brace on now. I will attach some pictures!

On Friday I went on exchanges to Mustang again but this time I was with Elder Van Halder. He is so cool and he is OCD just like me. We decided that we need to be companions. We went and visited a few families because our appointment canceled and it was really awkward. The family we visited was just a mother and her son and they were arguing while we were there. We got to help them with there storage shelf and then we got out of there. It was a fun experience.

Also for all you Hurricane kids or anyone who knows about the Bull at Baristas. Take a look at the pictures below :)

This fast and testimony meeting I bore my testimony on the basics. We can be at peace and have joy by doing the basics which are saying our daily prayers, reading our scriptures daily, and going to church every week. By doing those things we will increase our testimonies, faith, and knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have been living the gospel diligently for the past 5 months now and I can honestly say that the gospel will make you happy. Those 3 basic things are so important and most of the time we put them aside. I hope you made a good New Year resolution to be more involved in the gospel and improve where you are slacking.

As much as I love Christmas and bringing in the New Year, I am glad that it is over. As a missionary it is the hardest time of the year, at least to me. We have quite a few appointments set up and I am excited for the coming week!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! 

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Exchanges with Elder Van Halder!

Elder Curay's knee!! He didn't even cry but he was in a lot of pain!

This is how I wake my companion up after lunch time! :)

Hurricane isn't the only place with an animal statue! This one is just missing the "Party Hat"


  1. Love ya Elder Kyle! I love your letters and pictures! Keep up the great and marvelous work.

  2. Love ya Elder Kyle! I love your letters and pictures! Keep up the great and marvelous work.