Monday, December 7, 2015

Thoughts, feelings, comments??


My mother is the only person that has emailed me about the video "A Savior is Born"
That means that you all need to repent and go watch the video at and then email me about your thoughts, feelings and comments.

Transfer calls were on Sunday. Elder Neves and I will be staying here. I am happy I am staying because there are so many people that are going to be baptized this transfer and I want to be here to teach them and be at their baptism.

This week was a pretty alright week. My companion and I are on better terms then we were. With the new video "A Savior is Born" we have gotten a lot of referrals. So far nothing golden but that can always change! We are either going to have a baptism this week or 2 baptisms next week. It is getting stressful with the Christmas season approaching.

We were able to teach Ray and Yesika Cordier the Plan of Salvation this week. We also set a baptismal date with them for January 2nd. Even though I feel like they are ready to be baptized this very second they can't because we still have to teach them all the lessons. They have been to church every week since we started teaching them and they are more involved then some of the members. They are golden! 

At church on Sunday our Bishop called us over and he introduced us to a Robert and Leslie Blevins. Leslie is a member and Robert is not. We got to escort them around church and talk to them. They told us we could come over and teach them more about the church. Robert said that it is time that they start going to church again and since his wife Leslie is Mormon he wants to learn more.

We had a lot of people cancel on us this week unfortunately. We weren't able to teach as many lessons as we thought we were going to be able to. Elder Neves was deathly ill on Friday so we had to spend most of the day letting him rest.

I don't have a lot to report on for this week which is weird. Usually I can't fit it all into the email.

There was a Christmas conference on Sunday night and for some reason they couldn't get the projector to work at the church so we sat and listened to it. I prefer to watch it but the message was still the same. If you didn't get to see it go and watch it on

Remember who you are, Make good choices, choose the right.

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

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