Monday, May 8, 2017

Edmond 24


So transfer calls came and Elder Shira and I are staying together!!! HALLELUJAH!
We will also be covering the Edmond 2nd and 4th Wards!!!!! (Hence the new name "Edmond 24")
We are so excited because we literally talked about this a few days ago!! AHHHHHH
I didn't sleep at all last night! haha!

Anyway so that's exciting stuff right! We will have 2 apartments, 2 phones, a car, and a butt load of work to be done! I've never been more excited to be so busy!!!

We starting teaching a lady named Mona today. She missed her appointment the first time we went by and so we were like eh we'll probably end up dropping her but we tried her again and she was outside and started asking us a bunch of questions and it lead to a very spiritual conversation! By the end of the lesson she said that she felt so good about what we were teaching! #HOLYGHOST
We had another lesson with her and there were kids running around, people barbecuing and so many other distractions but she gave ALL her attention to us and the lesson. Elder Shira and I both felt the spirit in it and we're so excited to continue teaching her!

On Saturday we had a special MLC where Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was a really good meeting!! We talked about agency and responsibility. We are to accept 100% agency and responsibility. It is so important that we are accepting responsibility for our actions. All these crazy false church's out here try to teach that we don't need to accept the responsibility because "As long as you accept Jesus in your heart you're saved!". Gosh it drives me crazy! I am convinced that you have not truly served a mission until you have served in the Bible Belt. Anywho learning from Elder Robbins was a great experience! PLUS WE GOT HOMEMADE CAFE RIO AFTER!!!!! 😍

Elder Shira and I were getting burnt out of finding all day everyday but we decided to say a prayer and start our fast Saturday night and after we did we were so much more motivated! We literally started talking to everyone we saw and it was so fun! Elder Shira was working hard and helped me realize that we needed to talk to more people and not let people pass by us. Elder Shira is such a hard worker! We are going to have so much fun working so hard this transfer! Wish us luck!!


My fancy new hat will go great with my overalls!

Pic with Elder Robbins!

Exchanges with Elder Yamane! (We fought a Jehovah Witness) duh we won!

Me and my comp 😁

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