Monday, May 15, 2017

Stressful week ended with a Mother's Day skype!


It was so fun talking to the Briskensen's yesterday! (Brisk and Christensen fam)
Also I turn 20 tomorrow. GOSH I'M SO OLD!

If I could describe this week in one word it would be "STRESS". Taking over 2 areas is actually harder than you think because we 1. Have 0 miles 2. Edmond 2 is not organized at all! 3. We have to decide who to cancel dinners that overlap with 4. Our washer needs a new transmission so it's basically toast 5. We had to clean the other apartment up and it was disgusting. So much stuff to do but the good news is we are basically done so we can start figuring out where to work and then to go and do it!!

So 5 hours of church was actually not my favorite thing but I guess we will get use to it for the next several weeks!!

We are teaching this cool family in the Edmond 2nd ward. Her name is Kathy and she is the lady Elder Ball and I found on exchanges a few weeks ago! Anyway her grand kids are super cool and the grandson named Kevin is going to be the best missionary in the world btw!

I don't have much to say this week other than I love Edmond, love my companion, love this work!! Being a missionary is so fun!

Here is the highlight of the week:
Crazy homeless lady comes up to me at the library and talks for a straight 5+ minutes. Here is the just of what she said.

"Excuse me can you help me, I can't go into any public bathroom at any restaurant, store without being spied on! People are watching me and they won't leave me alone. I was tryin' to get some help from young William Jones and then I went into the bathroom and people try to make sin out of it with my mind! I can't be alone in any bathroom, anywhere without being watched."

by this time everyone in the library is looking at me like what is he going to do, she's crazy doesn't he know that and Elder Shira is to my right doing everything he can not to bust up so I simply responded in the most mono tone voice ever "Sorry we can't help you." Then she said "it should be illegal to invade someones privacy" and walked away.

Love Elder Brisket! ✌


 Sister Scadden went home this week!

 Elder Shira is a goof ball :)

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