Monday, May 22, 2017

Giving blessings are just the best!


For those of you who are aware of the day Oklahoma had an outbreak of tornadoes. Don't worry I lucked out and only got rain/lightning. I still have time to get a picture of a tornado!!!

On Tuesday we took our car in to get fixed and we were without it for 2 days. Luckily we have our bikes! We rode the bus down to the City to give a blessing to a man named Joel, who is dying of cancer. He isn't a member because he can't give up tabacco.. Isn't that sad!!? He had 2 friends there that are not members and they were very emotional as we gave the blessing but Joel was totally calm! We were able to give his 2 friends John and Vickie a blessing and they were no doubt touched by the spirit. It was such a cool experience to be there and hear how the blessing helped them feel God's love INSTANTLY!!

One of our investigators, Mandy, texted us this week wanting to meet. We haven't seen her in like 3 months but we went by and found out she is getting divorced!! It's actually kind of a blessing though? Her daughter is way more outgoing and not shy or anything anymore! Mandy is so proud of her because she loves daycare and makes friends so easy now. Also Mandy was sort of being held back by her husband but now that he is out of the way she is ready! Blessings come in disguise sometimes! We are seeing her Friday at 2.

We helped a lot of people move this week and it was crazy. Members don't always understand we aren't a moving crew.

We went down to the City on Saturday to see a referral for a Gary VanCuren. He is a member in Rehab and he was so shocked we found him. I guess his counselor saw some other missionaries down there and flagged them down so we were able to go see him. He wanted a blessing and wants to come back to church!! Super cool experience once again. Giving blessings are just the best! :)

Having 5 hours of Church is draining. Sunday's are going to be so hard with 2 wards now but we can do it!!..I hope..

On Friday it was Elder Holcomb's birthday so we went to Chick-fil-a and I asked the lady if he got anything for his birthday and he got a free sundae and the rest of us got free ice cream cones! Then a worker comes out of nowhere and asks if I wanted to try a frosted lemonade for free and so I got that too. Best Chick-fil-a experience of my life! The cashiers name was Ali and she was jumping up and down telling us their better than McDonald's. We told the manager she needed a raise.

Well that's it for this week! We are going to go to McDonald's now! haha no joke.
Elder Brisk ✌

Model Shots from the City

Watching Oklahoma Storms!

Sunset after the storm

Elder Holcomb's B-day

Dinner at Kettles

Elder Shira has been driving...sorta

How missionaries park

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