Monday, January 30, 2017

My companion cant ride a bike...


This week has been so crazy! In the annual missionary broadcast they adjusted the missionary schedule. Basically we plan in the morning instead of at night when we get home. I think it's a great change!!

So my companion, Elder Adams, can't ride a bike. I know its sad. The traveling AP, Elder Maughan (Mon) came to our area on Tuesday and on our way to our first thing with him Elder Adams ate it and luckily landed on some guys yard but he destroyed his shirt and popped his tube. So we had to walk home and go to Al's bicycle to get a new tube. Later on that evening his front tire washed out on some gravel and landed on his face in a parking lot. He started to go into shock and was going crazy. Anywho he had to get 3 stitches above his eye and broke his pinky finger so he has a hardening cast on right now and might have to get a real cast on. We will find out tomorrow. For the time being we are using the UCO sisters car.

While we were with Elder Maughan we visited a less active family and they were so cool. They have been to the temple and still have testimonies of this gosepl. At the end of our visit we found out that their granddaughter Desiree had been taught by missionaries before and we asked her if she wanted to learn the lessons again and she said yes! So we are teaching Desiree now and she is so going to get baptized! Also she goes by Dede. While we had our first lesson with her this week they got a call that a family member was on life support and so the family has been struggling trying to decide what to do. Please keep the Parker family in your prayers!

Yep Saturday at 11am Shawn Taylor is getting baptized. He came to church and met all the leaders. He has been attending a different ward for several months but now is going to become a member of the Edmond 4th ward!! He has been having so many struggles. Satan literally attacks people the week of their baptism. Shawn went and got insurance and right after that he rear ended someone. His lights have been falling from the ceiling randomly almost hitting him. He just laughs at all of it! We are so excited for Shawn!! Please pray for him also!

We taught this super awesome young couple named Andy and Sam this week. They loved everything about the restoration and are so open to learning different beliefs. Before we even asked them to read and pray about what we taught Sam was already committing herself to find out the truth. They are so cool and will most definitely be baptized. They also attend life church which is a giant rock concert. We are doing a church swap sometime soon so I will return and report hopefully next week of my experience. 

We are still working with Brother and Sister Matheny and they are making such great progress! Every time we are their the spirit is so strong. Sister Matheny shared with us that her 9 year old son Ben is interested in learning more and wants to be baptized so we will begin teaching him this week when he gets back from his dads.

Literally we have Shawn, Andy, Sam, Dede, and Ben who will most likely be baptized and they are falling into our laps! If I have to hurt Elder Adams again for all this success I will probably do it.

I also bought a shirt that says "Y'all Need Jesus"
it's basically my favorite

That's Brisk Baby!!

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