Monday, January 2, 2017

Goodbye Vernon TX...Hello Edmond OK


I made it to Edmond and I am serving in the Edmond 4th ward. We are a bike area but it is totally alright because we are so busy and the area is kind of small! I have met a lot of the members now and they are great!! Besides the fact that our Bishop has our number blocked on his phone but don't worry we can fix that :)

My companion is Elder Adams from Eagle, ID. Once again I don't have a companion that is from Utah which is crazy! Elder Adams has been out for 5 months so he is pretty new still. We are having so much fun here in Edmond though! This place is pretty cool!

Packing up the Vernon apartments took so long but we finally got it done. It was sad to say goodbye to the Johnson's because they took such great care of us! That's the hard thing about transfers, leaving people you grow to love!

We saw this former investigator on his phone so after he was done we went to his door and he let us right in! His name is Ron and his wife's name is Jenessa. We were talking to Ron and Jenessa was just sitting in the kitchen so I went and talked to her and taught her a little bit about everything! I read scriptures to her and helped her understand the gospel a lot more. She had a lot of misunderstandings so I was able to clear those right up for her. She is so awesome and she felt the spirit so strong! Ron on the other hand isn't sure about much because the missionaries that taught him a while back were constantly pushing baptism on him. Jenessa is going to be the key to helping this family come to Christ!

We have so many people who actually enjoy talking to us here! I love Edmond so much! We are always busy and always finding and talking to people. Since Friday we have found 5 new investigators and we are beyond excited! Elder Adams and I are definitely going to baptize some people this transfer!

So we met his guy Richard and he was sorta not down to talk to us but then he changed and was really cool and nice to us. He said we could come back and when we went back his car was gone and there was a sign on the door that said "Do not bother unless you're the mailman or girl scouts. That means you to missionaries! Stay out of me swamp!". We were laughing so hard and left a card on his door that said OK sorry to bother you have a good New Year!

It is so weird being in the City again! I have been Isolated for 8 transfers. Not that that is a bad thing because I loved the boonies but the city is so fun! We get to hang out with other missionaries on P-day and get to talk to so many people!

Hope you have a great week! I will send pictures next week because my camera broke and Elder Davis has a lot of the ones from this last week!

Love Elder Brisk😘

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