Monday, January 16, 2017

Being a missionary is so fun!!!


Ok so for all of you wondering about the ice storm let me just tell ya that it didn't happen. You can be a weatherman in Oklahoma and give the most bizarre forecast and everyone will listen to you and it is impossible to lose your job. Everyone was calling it the Ice apocalypse and we literally just got rain and icicles. So that is cool!

This week I had a sinus infection so I wasn't able to work as hard as I would have liked too. Luckily EVERYONE in this ward has a career in the medical field so Brother Johnston was able to call in some antibiotics for me and Brother McCullough is a pharmacist so he took us to Walmart and hooked me up with all I needed. Besides the sickness we had a great week!

We met with a lady named Diana and her son David. David is a member as of 6 months ago and has his sights set on going to the temple. Diana was about to be baptized in the 90's but because she felt like whoever did he baptismal interview got to personal and so she canceled it. She obviously wasn't fully converted so that is where we come in! Diana is really cool and she made me a hat to welcome me to Edmond!

We met with Ron and Janessa again this week! We had dinner with them on Tuesday and it was so fun! Janessa is getting really comfortable with us know and she is getting ready to accept the gospel! We committed them to read the Bible together every night starting in Matthew and going to the end of Luke. They were so excited to do it! We promised them that it would help Janessa because she doesn't have a religious background and promised it would make their marriage stronger!

We also met this super cool girl named Amelia! She wanted to read the Book of Mormon and was just so down to talk with us. Unfortunately she is going to UCO which means we had to hand her over to the sisters. BOO!!!!

We got a referral from Sister Wilkinson to try a new family that had moved in to the ward. Because this is Edmond of course they had to live in the gated community that has the biggest gate I have ever seen! As we drove to it with Brother Smith I said a prayer that we would get in somehow and we pulled up and it was unlocked. I saw a car coming to turn down so we flipped around and followed the car through the gate and met the Adams family. They were so nice! The husband is not a member but she is and she is pretty active. Except for the last few weeks because they have been traveling. Her husband builds street cars all over the US and he actually built the front runner in SLC! She gave us the code so we can legally get inside next time!

So I finally met our investigator Shawn that Elder Adams has been talking so highly about. Here is how our first few minutes went with him..

Shawn: So I have been thinking about being baptized and I think I want to do it.
Us: Uh......Yeah when were you thinking about doing this?
Shawn: I don't know like SOON! Haha
Us: about February 4th?
Shawn: Yeah!!

Shawn has been attending one of the Guthrie wards for about 3 months now. He is literally so prepared! I am pretty sure my jaw was hanging to the floor when he said that! Lets keep Shawn in our prayers please! :)

Being a missionary is so fun!!! 😄

Love Elder Brisk 😘
That is all.

Pdays in the city are so fun!! #bowling

Shoutout to Krista for hookin' us up while I was sick this week!

 ​​Brother Howell did a ventriloquist act at dinner for us!!! Best thing ever!!!
Check him out on
Ventriloquist Gary Ray Howell​

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