Monday, January 9, 2017

Holy cow there is so much work here in Edmond!


Holy cow there is so much work here in Edmond! Last week we taught 11 lessons to investigators alone! Not counting recent convert and less actives. Teaching is the best part of missionary work and we actually get to do that here!

We met a lady named Mercedes. We told her about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and she was so eager to accept a Book of Mormon. Later in the week we were on exchanges and Elder Adams and Elder Ricks went to see her. She has already read a bunch of the Book of Mormon and loves how it goes so well with the bible!

We went on exchanges with our zone leaders Elder Ricks (My MTC companion) and Elder Yamane. Well it decided to get cold and it snowed like crazy! So the zone leaders were stuck at our apartment and we spent almost all of Fridayshoveling drive ways and cleaning snow off of peoples cars. We met Micah and Blake when we were knocking doors asking if we could do service for them. They readily accepted our service and invited us inside for hot chocolate after we were done. We had a good conversation with them and they are more than willing to meet with us again! It was so fun playing in the snow all Friday. Especially being with Elder Ricks again. Probably the funnest exchange ever! We also pushed cars up hills because their cars couldn't make it. It was so fun!

We met with Ron and Janessa again this week! We mainly talked to Ron this time and answered their questions. At the end of the lesson we committed them to read the Book of Mormon so that they could show Heavenly Father that they want the influence of the Holy Ghost in their lives. The problem with Ron and Janessa is that they were pushed about baptism so much when they weren't even ready! There were attending church weekly for a year but never got into the Book of Mormon so we are helping them receive a testimony so that they will want to be baptized!

We have been teaching the Spencer family a lot this week! The Spencer family is made up of Krista, her mom who we call nana, and Krista's 3 kids Jaycen, Emilee, and Addie. Jaycen and Emilee were baptized in December and we have been going over the recent convert lessons with them. Addie has developed an attachment to me and wants me to baptize her when she turns 8 in March! She is such a funny kid! Every time we ask her how she can help her mom her answer is always the same...CLEAN! Krista is basically our mother in the Edmond 4th ward.

We had dinner with the Matheny family this week. Brother Matheny just got back from a rehab center in Colorado due to his addictions and we are going to be taking him to the Addiction Recovery class that his held at the church every Sunday night at 7. Sister Matheny has 4 kids from a previous marriage. She has triplets and all 3 of them are autistic. They are so devoted to this gospel and they came to church with all the kids on Sunday.

It was so great to see them and the ward embraced them with open arms! I miss being in a branch because I would have everyone's names down at this point! Wards are just to big!!

There is this lady we are teaching and her name is Sarah. She has been taught for a little bit and isn't progressing at all. She lives with her boyfriend and they have 3 kids. She has been struggling so much with her relationship. I feel so bad for her but it makes me grateful for my family! I love and miss them so much. The gospel truly blesses our families. My mission has helped me see that!

Have a great week!!
Love Elder Brisk 😘

Pictures from my last dayz in Vernon!

Being in the City is so fun! You get to see missionaries all the time!

Exchanges and Snow!!

Note from Richard that was mentioned in last weeks email

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