Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families.


Monday we went to escape room with a bunch of missionaries and our mission presidents family. It was definitely one of my favorite P-Days. If you haven't done an escape room than I highly recommend it...if you it again!!

Tuesday we were able to go to the Temple. Sister Burr gave us a bunch of family names that she had. The spirit in the temple was so strong. I have never seen a more jam packed session. I guess that is what happens when missionaries take over the temple!

I went on an exchange to Edmond 2 with Elder Shira. Probably the best exchange of my life! We met a less active who was really down to meet with missionaries. We also met some spanish folk in his neighborhood so we were able to send them to Sister McFadden and Sister Strieff! We also were able to figure out the bus schedule so on Wednesday morning we rode the bus down to the City! It was so fun! Except for the bus driver totally passed our stop because he was to busy talking and had a fit that we needed out before he drove all the way back to Edmond. We spent the whole day walking and talked to people! A baptist preacher from Texas even bought our lunch for us!

So I found out that Ray and Yesika Cordier (couple I baptized before I left OKC 2) moved into the Edmond 2 ward so that is basically why we went all the way down to the city but we got to see them!!! I cannot explain the amount of joy that I have felt this week. The kids are so big! Their living situation is a lot better and they are so happy! The gospel has blessed their life and I can now testify with every fiber of my body that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. They can go to the Temple to be sealed for all time and eternity now and I hope that happens while I'm here in Edmond so I can be there. AHHHHHH I love them!!! ❤

Also while on exchanges we had dinner at a members house who had invited a young man they met to come eat dinner and learn more about the gospel. Elder Shira was super nervous and we practiced teaching the restoration all day! Well when the time to teach came the spirit told us to teach the Plan of Salvation and I can honestly say it was the most spiritual lesson I have ever taught. Kendrick is the coolest kid ever and he was eating up the gospel! If you have a friend that needs the gospel and you want to feel the spirit stronger than you ever have, invite the missionaries over for dinner and a lesson!! or just invite them over to teach you and your family :)

We tried to see a less active sister in the ward. We were able to visit with her and her husband and her husband totally wouldn't watch a Mormon message because he is stonch Catholic. Then a miracle happened and he started going off about how he thinks his wife needs to come back to her church and she is more comfortable there and just can't get comfortable with Catholics and her countenance changed so much! She was content and smiling on the outside but on the inside she was bouncing off the walls excited!! She is going to come to church this week and we are having dinner with them on Saturday :)

We ended the week with Stake Conference and it was so great! There is so much work here in the OKC stake and they are getting a new building!! So much growth going on right now and I'm so blessed to be apart of it! I love the gospel! :)

Love Brisket 😘
That is all.

​​​​​​​​​​Escape room!!​​​​

Exchange with Elder Shira in OKC

 Ray and Yesika!!! ❤

 Oklahoma christians in 1 picture

Don't worry these pants were ripped anyway :)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Temple Trip with my favorite people! :)​

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