Monday, February 6, 2017

Surgery for Elder Adams and Baptism for Shawn.


What an eventful week! We found out that Elder Adams was going to have to have surgery to have his finger fully heal so that happened today. Being a missionary and having to wait 4 hours in a hospital isn't fun. Luckily there were some complimentary snacks. We will be staying at the Mansell's house tonight.

Elder Adams is going to be getting transferred on Wednesday as well so my new companion is Elder Thackary and I don't know to much about him but that will change very soon!

It was so great to have a baptism for Shawn. He is such a great guy and he was so ready for the gospel. Elder Adams performed the baptism for him and I was able to perform the confirmation. So funny story. There is a Sister from a different ward who is responsible for fellowshipping him into the church and she wanted to be a big part of the baptism program. Well her and her 2 daughters ended up singing 2 songs and during the first one (When I am baptized) She and her daughter were standing in front of the podium and then She just pushes her daughter out of the way and Solo's the song as if she is competing. Then towards the end she grabs her daughter and pulls her in close to finish the song. During the second song she literally leaned over and told her daughter to stop playing the flute because it wasn't quite on track with the Piano. Then in fast and testimony meeting she literally yelled "I LOVE THE USA" and I was dying! She was miss America at one point in her life so I guess that is where the competition comes from.

We taught the Matheny's 9 year old son Ben and set a baptism date with him for February 18th. We will be working with him very closely as we only have 2 weeks to teach him everything. We are so happy for the Matheny family. They are just the best! <3

Can't remember to much of what happened this week because my planner is missing. It was a great week though besides the whole surgery deal! :)

Love and miss all y'all!
Brisk <3

Dinner at President & Sister Mansell's

 Sno Cones and P day playing Disc Golf

Sketchy apartment building we went in that had bloodstains on the floor....

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