Monday, February 20, 2017

Ben got baptized!!!


We had MLC on Tuesday. Elder Adams and Elder Williams stayed the night with us because Elder Adams had to get his cast Wednesday morning. So basically we spent the evening having dinner once again at the mission home and saying goodbye to people because Elder Adams never got the chance to.

Ben got baptized!!! We spent most of the week teaching him all the lessons so he was prepared. Teaching the Law of Chastity to a 9 year old is so awkward we didn't even do it! We asked Sister Matheny to help us and she sat there for like 5 minutes trying to say something but couldn't figure out how to talk about it so she grabbed him off the couch and ran into a bedroom for like 5 minutes and came out and he sat down with the most puzzled look on his face. We asked him if he knew what the law of chastity was now and he stood up and was like "NOPE I don't want to talk about it" as he walked away from us! It was literally so funny! Sister Matheny was like I just told him not to take his clothes off in front of anyone or let anyone else take his clothes off and he was so disturbed by it!

We had a lesson with Dede and it went well! She said she wants to be baptized around May 29th because that will give her something to be excited to look forward too! Why isn't a birthday exciting for a 11 year old to look forward to? I have no idea. We told her she can/should be baptized like March maybe April but we left the decision to her so we are meeting with her tonight and will find out what date she wants to be baptized! She also wants the Stake President to baptize her which is cool!

We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week. I was with Elder Jeffs and we found 3 new investigators!! We have appointments to see them this week so we will see if it goes anywhere. Hopefully it will! We need more investigators and finding in the rich city is difficult! That is why we are working with part member families. We are most likely going to be able to visit a part member family that has a 10 year old that is unbaptized! So many part member families here it is crazy!

We had dinner at a members house on Saturday and they set it up like a Hibachi grill and we hate veggies, meat and rice with chopsticks! Needless to say it is a good thing I didn't go to an Asian mission....
But it was so fun!!!

We have also been trying to find a place to move to because our apartment has had missionaries in it for 11 years and it is disgusting beyond repair. Unfortunately we are on bikes so there is a certain area we need to stay in and there are no good apartments so we are looking for duplex's as we ride our bikes around!! We found the most beautiful apartment ever and then found out it was $1600/ month and so that made us sad but we are still looking!!

Well that is all I got for this week!
Also pictures of the baptism will be posted next week because Sister Matheny has them.

Peace out ✌
Elder Brisk

PDay! Elder Clarke literally follows me everywhere around the mission 
so basically we should just be forever mission comps

 Jandal Club....get on our level!!

 Tracting in the dark as the severe thunderstorms roll in!

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