Monday, February 27, 2017

Dede sets a date!


So really not a lot to report on this week. We have been trying to visit all of our part member families so we can find some children that need to be baptized. So far we haven't found anyone yet but we have some potential families we are hoping to see this week!

We met with Dede this week and she decided to be baptized on March 25th! We are super excited to have her on date and sooner rather than later! Our ward mission leader was telling everyone at church that this will be our 5th convert baptism in 4 months. You could say he is pretty proud of us!

We finally got to see Mercedes this week too! She has been at her parents house for a week and I guess they got home and someone broke in their apartment and was living there eating their food and everything so they are moving into a different apartment in the same complex. She is still super solid though and has a desire to keep learning!

We were hoping to have Shawn, Mercedes, Dede, Ron and his family at church this week. It seems like when you set things up they fall through so you just gotta have faith and trust that it will happen.

We met with Ron and committed him to talk with his family and come to church with a question in mind to have answered. We are going to talk with him this week about being sincere and having real intent to better prepare them for church! Ron is doing so good and wanting to progress spiritually. I think he might be getting close to baptism but I am not going to hold my breath quite yet.

Shawn has been in Yukon and we haven't seen him since his baptism and confirmation. We can only text him and he isn't the best at communication so not really sure where he is or what he is doing. I think we will be able to find him this week though.

I had an exchange with Elder Wirthlin this week! He got called to serve in Jamaica but he is waiting for his visa so they sent him here. He got to ride a bike for the first time on his mission and it was so funny to watch him figure it all out! Mainly because the bike is to big for him! 

Hope you all have a good week.
Love Elder Brisk

District P-Day at Main Event!

The Alva Trio back together!!

Best part of Zone Conference is seeing familiar faces!

It's February and I can sit outside and drink a cold shake in 80 degree weather....
I will never understand how Oklahoma can be 80 one day and then 50 the next.

Biking with Elder Wirthlin! Stupid train always gets in the way..

A little service fixing fence

Missionary life in one picture

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