Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The addiction recovery program


So this week we had a booth on the UCO campus as a district! It was actually a lot of fun because we can relate with the college kids a lot more than the grown ups of Edmond. It made me kind of want to serve on a campus but then I realized summer will be here so soon and being on a campus when there are no students would be so boring!!

We helped our investigator Diana with her yard this week. She had us weed and mow and then we literally had to stake Easter eggs all over her front yard. She is going all out for Easter! I think I staked down more Easter eggs than I have ever had in my entire life! Then she put some little bunny statues out in her yard to make it convincing! 😂

Dede is doing so good! We taught her the 10 commandments this week and when we got to #7 which is though shall not commit adultery it went a little crazy. I am not going to explain it in depth but basically she understood it as not being a "side hoe". Why are children so hilarious!?

I went on an exchange this week with Elder Shira! I can't explain how much fun I had being with him for that 24 hour period. We are actually a lot more alike than we thought! So funny story! We were knocking doors and this Man from India answered and we asked him what his name was..He said Abdujsdgfkjdsgf and then we had him repeat it and I said I would call him Abdul for short so I wouldn't slaughter his name. He said he didn't understand and then invited us in! So we went inside and we were talking so slow and simple and articulating ever letter. It was so funny and we decided just to leave him with a Book of Mormon and say a prayer. After the prayer we look up and he was still folding his arms and closing his eyes. We looked at each other and looked back at him and then he looked up. We told him we were going to leave and he asked if we needed anything and we said we were good and he came back with 6 cuties oranges for us!

We also got to help one of the Sisters former investigators load a Uhaul. We weren't to happy about her texting saying she needed help and wanted to come back to church and all that jazz but we got there and realized how much she needed our help. She was alone, had no one and was so shocked we came. Our attitudes definitely changed and we were so happy we could help her.

As a mission we have been going through the addiction recovery program to help us become more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help us increase our bond with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This week I learned that I don't trust the Lord as much as I should. He definitely tested me this week and I was able to realize where I was at fault and decided to change it. The addiction recovery program says something along the lines of "our agency is really the only thing we have to give to God, everything else he has just loaned us." We truly have to learn to let our will align with God's will. As we do that we grow and progress so much further in life. I am so thankful for that learning experience I had this week!

Remember who you are, make good choices. I love you!!

❤Elder Brisket

Elder Thackeray and I enjoying the beautiful weather

 The UCO booth

We found a snake when we were checking the mail box!

 Ben's Baptism pics have come!!

Diana's house decorated by yours truly

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