Monday, March 27, 2017

Dede gets baptized!!


Transfer calls were last night and we found out Elder Thackeray is going to Choctaw and I am staying here in Edmond 4. My new companion is going to be Elder Shira!!! We thought we would never get to be companions but God works in mysterious ways! I am super excited for these next 6 weeks!!

Dede got baptized!! Unfortunately her grandparents got sick and they were a big part in her baptism so they were unable to make it to the baptism. She almost wasn't going to get confirmed Sunday because her grandparents were still sick but they came because they knew she needed to be confirmed ASAP! The stake president, President Gray, baptized her and gave an awesome testimony at her baptism. The Sisters had an investigator there that got to talk with him for a little bit which was cool!

We had a super good lesson with Ron and Janessa. The addiction recovery program is going so well that they were writing in their books and fully engulfed in them that we said well OK lets pray and we left. They are doing so good and we will see them this week and go over Step 3!

We went to see our investigator Steven who we haven't actually taught yet. Come to find out he is at the OU Edmond hospital so we were like we have to go give him a blessing so we started biking and as the scriptures say "The devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea his shafts in the whirlwinds" we had to face a pretty big head wind but we were able to pull through and made it all the way to the hospital and gave a blessing.

I went on exchanges with Elder Ball. We rode the bus down to the city and this less active called out to us and said she wanted to come back to church! We were definitely led to go that way by the spirit and then we went to Subway for lunch and we heard this huge thud and some guy had the fuel nozzle hooked up to his car and started driving away and broke the hose! Luckily it didn't explode and we lived. People are crazy here.

So Elder Thackeray has been sick the past few days so I have been so bored stuck in the apartment but it started raining and I really needed to leave the apartment so we went and walked around and we found Shawn!!! He said he was coming to Dede's baptism and church but he didn't. Sad that he is going through a rough patch in his life but he is reading the Book of Mormon still!!

Also somehow last week I forgot to mention that on my exchange with Elder Shira we were knocking doors and this lady took a article of faith card and asked for 2 more. We didn't have any but I knew I had a pamphlet in my bag so I reached in and saw the green on it and was like oh yes the Plan of Salvation pamphlet is perfect and pulled it out and gave it to her and then both Elder Shira and I realize that I just gave her a word of wisdom pamphlet instead so we left and started laughing so hard. It was so funny!!

Conference is coming up and this will be the last one on my mission. I am kind of sad about it! I hope you all enjoy it and have questions in mind to get answered. Have a good week! Love and miss y'all!

Elder Brisk✌

Dede's Baptism

Somehow we went to the Zoo when it was 97 degrees! :)

 Exchanges with Elder Ball! I hit 20 months and he hit 9 months
 so we celebrated with Pillsbury holiday cookies 😋

Me dying of boredom while Elder Thackeray was sick.

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