Monday, March 20, 2017

20 month mark!


This week we had a lesson with Ron and his wife Janessa. We started the Addiction Recovery program with them and the lesson was awesome! Ron wasn't sure we would be able to get Janessa in on it but I think she was more excited than he was! We had to help them realize that they both needed to work together to help their family. We will be going over the program with them for the next 12 weeks! :)

On Wednesday I went with Elder Wirthlin to his area. We knocked so many doors and talked to so many people! Unfortunately we didn't find any new investigators but we sure had fun trying! We found this box that said free library on it. So we put a Book of Mormon in it! Hopefully someone will take it and read it! We also went to a trailer park that was not the nicest place I have been to in Edmond and Elder Wirthlin wasn't comfortable their at all! We had Elder Shira with us at that point so we made him knock a few doors. Elder Wirthlin is so funny! I love that kid so much!

President Mansell's twin boys, Cannon and Jared, opened their calls on Thursday night! Cannon is going to Sydney Australia South mission speaking Mandarin Chinese on August 16th! Jared is going to Rome Italy speaking Italian on July 26th! It was so cool watching them open their calls and definitely brought back memories of when I opened my call! I can't believe I hit my 20 month mark this week!!!

Dede is getting Baptized on Saturday at 11am!! We just have one more lesson with her this week and then the Zone Leaders will have her interview on Thursday! I have really enjoyed teaching her! She is the only investigator I have had that takes notes! This will be the 5th convert Baptism for the Edmond 4th ward since December! We have seen so much success here in Edmond! I have really enjoyed serving here.

We had interviews with President Mansell on Friday and then after that I went on ANOTHER exchange with Elder Shira to his area! Their area covers Edmond and Oklahoma City so we went to Oklahoma City because the people down there are a lot more receptive. We knocked some doors, tried to see some people. We found this lady named LaToya who was super cool and so intrigued that we knocked on her door! They are going to see her this week! We also talked to this guy named James Brown FOREVER! He started talking about how he has seen Angels and then started showing us his videos on YouTube and how this "angel" can down to was so animated...he also started going crazy and talking about how the government knows of a planet headed towards earth and how they are building underground bunkers...1st of all an underground bunker isn't going to save you from a planet colliding with another planet. My favorite part was when he said in the last days there would be trumpets and our president is Donald TRUMP. So he goes TRUMP, TRUMPet and looks at us with this face like he had made the worlds biggest discovery. It was so funny and his neighbor kept waving at us and saying he was crazy!

I have been on multiple exchanges with Elder Shira since I have been in Edmond and we always have so much fun! We have done so many exchanges this transfer that they are probably all sick of me but we have one more this week and I will be with Elder Ball!! Yay for exchanges!!!!

Somehow I forgot to mention last week that we did service as a district for this lady named Jo. She went to the hospital and her door got left open so rats, mice, raccoons, and other animals got inside her house and completely destroyed it!! We had to help her get some personal belongings out of it so they can go through and clean it up and it was so nasty! We also kept throwing little things at Sister Williams making her think it was a rat and SHE WOULD FREAK! haha this district loves teasing each other so much!

Remember who you are, make good choices!

Love all y'all!
❤Elder Brisk

Elder Shira and I are overall buddies! lol 

Service for Jo. 
The Sisters and their investigator are indeed wearing bags on their feet.

Some random pics throughout the last 2 weeks...

Exchanges with Elder Wirthlin

Oklahoma Sunsets 👌

Cool Jesus statue in downtown Edmond

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