Monday, February 13, 2017

Goodbye Elder Adams...Hello Elder Thackeray!


So this week was pretty wild if I say so myself. Elder Adams had his surgery and stayed at the mission home until Friday and went to Claremore, OK. I was all over the place! I was at the mission home and then I was with Elder Ball and Elder Shira in Edmond 2nd for a little bit. I also got to take P day on Tuesday since I was in the hospital all day Monday so I hung out with the Mansell’s son Justin. It was pretty fun. We went go cart racing and I won. We also had to go to Top Golf because he had to win something and I love top golf. It’s pretty fun! I also got to drive a car...BY MYSELF Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It was so weird! Definitely realized how relaxing it is to be by yourself for a little bit!

Wednesday was transfers and my new companion is Elder Thackeray. He is from Etna California and has been out for 17 months, just one transfer less than me. He is also the youngest of 7 kids. We have already been working so hard! We had Elder Pulice with us Wednesday because he had to wait for Elder Adams to get better so they could go to Claremore. Being in a trio for a day was so fun!

The weather is so bipolar here. Today it is cloudy, might rain and in the 50’s. Saturday it was 88 degrees and it was beautiful. I miss my southern Utah weather and mountains!!

Also the Sisters and the Elders are in Trio’s so Elder Thackeray and I are the only ones in the district not in a trio. Kind of sad because trio’s rock!

There is so much work for Elder Thackeray and I to do here. So Ben Newark is 9 and we have been teaching him for a week. He was with his dad in Midwest City this last week and we are having his baptism Saturday at 11am if everything goes well. That will be a main focus for us this week.

Dede came to church! She is the 11 year old girl we are teaching. Right now she just picks and chooses when she wants to meet with us so we will have to try and setup weekly appointments with her so we can get her baptized ASAP! Her grandparents were with her and this was their second week back to church.

Ron Mais, he is my favorite! He is such a free spirited guy and he is finally starting to come around. He sees now that he needs to focus on improving spiritually and he has such a desire to pray and read the scriptures. He is always the one to ask if we can pray when we are there. We don’t even have to ask him to pray he just goes for it! He has been working on improving his marriage by reading the scriptures with his wife. It hasn’t been going to awesome but the desire is there and that is all that counts.

We took our mission Presidents son Cannon out with us this week and it was so fun! Ever since I was around the Mansell’s a lot the beginning of this week I have really come to love them more than I already did. I am definitely in the best mission and have the best mission president!

Elder Thackeray and I decided we will be working with the Part Member families in the ward since we are already seeing success there with Ben and Dede. We biked clear to the West end of our area which actually isn’t flat believe it or not. Also where all the rich people live. As hard as it was I loved it. When you work hard your faith increases and you believe you can get through anything and everything! Being a missionary is so fun!

Elder Clarke is sitting by me RN and says hi :)

Have a great week!
Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings.
Love Elder Brisk

New Companion and New District, sorta.

Left to right:
Sister McFadden, Sister Williams, Sister Streiff, Me, Elder Thackeray, Elder Ball, Elder Shira, Elder Wirthlin

Shawn’s Baptism!

Shawn’s Baptism!


My new favorite shirt mentioned in last weeks email

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