Monday, February 1, 2016

Obey The Word of Wisdom


We had a pretty busy week and we were running really low on miles but now that it is a new month we have 1500 miles! I am still loving Alva!

On Monday we had to go to Enid for a STM and we slept over at the zone leaders apartment with a bunch of other missionaries. We stopped at Braum's on our way to the zone leaders apartment because we really missed getting the best ice cream in all of Oklahoma.

On Tuesday we went and tried to see a few people and we got in with this guy named Jimmy. He loves Elder Morgan so much! We were having a lesson and he told us to hang on because he had to go to the bathroom. He stood up and waddled away and his butt crack was showing so we were trying not to laugh. I guess the spirit makes you got to go potty or something! We went and helped the old people at the senior citizen center play bingo. Bingo is one of the highlights on my weeks here in Alva. Listening to them get competitive playing bingo and then when someone gets it they yell Bingo and it is just super funny. You have to be there to understand.

On Wednesday we tried to see a bunch of people but didn't have a whole lot of luck. We can always count on our investigator Joy for letting us have a lesson with her everyday. She enjoys us coming over so much she told us that when we come to just knock, open the door, say "Joy we're home!", and then come on in. She has adopted all three of us as her grandsons. She had a relapse with smoking and she is down to 1 cup of coffee. She is doing so good! Please pray for Joy to be able to quit smoking and coffee! She would really love the extra prayers.

On Thursday we saw an investigator named Jennifer and her little boy Carson. He is so funny! We have convinced him that Elder Richey's name is Bob so he says "Bye Morgan!, Bye Brisk!, Boy BOB!" It is the funniest thing ever! We have been teaching a lot of object lessons this week and people really like them! We were having dinner with the Armstrong's and Brother Armstrong is so funny! He has a stutter and we had 10 minutes until Book of Mormon class. He was telling us a story about Vietnam and his wife told him we needed to go so we weren't late and he just kept telling her to be quiet. It was super funny! Elder Richey taught Book of Mormon class and he did really good. Now both of us have taught it so it is Elder Morgan's turn next Thursday.

On Friday we had district meeting and then exchanges with the zone leaders so we had to go all the way back to Enid for the day. I went with Elder Matthews and Elder Morgan and Richey went with Elder Curay. Elder Matthews and I were walking down the street and we found a thousand pennies on the ground so of course we picked it up and brought it home! I helped him get everything set up for the baptism that they had on Saturday. We had a lot of fun in Enid even though we didn't get to work in our own area for 2 days.

On Saturday we came home from Enid at 7 and when we got back we went and helped Brother Richardson hang drywall. What happened is we ended up doing the dry wall by ourselves while he trimmed tries. We learned that we aren't very good at drywall. Probably shouldn't have hired us because we took hours to do a little wall. Elder Morgan and I taught Brother Richardson's some that Elder Richey's name is Bob too. Pretty soon every kid in the ward will be calling him BOB! Then after that we helped a member move from his house into a dorm room. Doesn't make sense but he is going to be in a house in a month and his family is moving out from Ogden.

On Sunday we had church and I had to give a talk in sacrament on the Word of Wisdom. Somehow I got stuck going last and I had to cover 25 minutes instead of 15 so I just did my 15 minute talk and let the Branch President take over. You can't really expound 10 more minutes on the Word of Wisdom. Sister Johnson feeds us lunch almost every Sunday after church and she is so crazy! We would ask her where something was at and she would freak because we would use the word "at" at the end of a sentence because it is a preposition? So we would say it on purpose and Elder Morgan got picked to do the dishes for messing with her. It was funny! I never thought I would have someone try to correct my language in Oklahoma. At least I don't "WaRsh" the dishes. I think it is something in the water because the water here is murky. DON'T DRINK THE TAP WATER!

This week we found out that we will be taking a mission field trip to Tulsa! On Saturday February 20th the Bentoville Arkansas and Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission will be going to Tulsa to hear an Apostle speak! We don't know who the Apostle is going to be yet but we know that we will spend Friday night in Stillwater and then get on Charter buses at 5:30am. This made Elder Morgan, Richey, and I start talking about apostles, which led to prophets, which led to deep doctrine. It was a mind blowing chit chat.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks story! Remember to obey the word of wisdom because it's a commandment so JUST DO IT! If you already are then great! help others! (maybe my dad) 😏

Remember who you are! Make good choices!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

This is a picture from exchanges minus Elder Matthews and Richey

Aren't my companions the best? LOL freakin weirdos!

Brother Jones has a really cool collection and can tell you something cool about each little item he has.

Sometimes people spell things way wrong so we make it the word of the week.
 Last week was
    misspelled by Elder Hansen

    This weeks word was
       Our very own Elder Richey has been spelling future wrong his entire life 😂

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