Monday, February 8, 2016

The Atonement on my mind


This past week was a pretty good! We have been teaching Joy and a lot of other people!

Joy called us on Monday crying because she wasn't going to be able to join the church and we ran over there (by ran I mean drove to her house) and talked to her. She told us she didn't have enough money to pay her tithing and we told her she didn't need to pay it until after she is baptized and we told her that she is going to be able to join the church and she has been so happy ever since! She has been off of Coffee and Cigarettes for 4 days now! Only 5 more days to go!

We have been trying to get the font figured out for the baptism. The hot water isn't at all.... So she might be baptized in really really cold water. We have someone coming to fix it but when he is coming nobody knows. It may be this week or it may be next week. Hopefully it is this week!! The font hasn't been used in a year or longer and that is unacceptable! We should be having baptisms out the Wazoo!

Elder Richey and I got to meet Shyann! She came to church on Sunday after she stood us up for lunch Thursday. We were suppose to have a lesson/lunch at sister greens but her boyfriend had to go to the hospital and of course she had to go with him. She is really cool though! She should have been baptized like yesterday but don't worry. We will get her baptized soon enough.

On Friday we had interviews with President Walkenhorst. It went really good! Then we had exchanges with Woodward and Bob (Elder Richey) went to Woodward and Elder Hansen came here. We had fun on exchanges even though all we did was drywall for brother Richardson again! We are a lot better then last time! Just don't hire us to put drywall up at your house...

We got a new investigator named Miranda. She requested a Bible but she also accepted a Book of Mormon and she is interested in hearing our message. We are going to give her a call this week. We also went to see a potential investigator named Jaime and she was home! She told us she is an accountant and so she is really busy right now but we got her number and she told us to give her a call this week! She was so excited to see us and that made me so excited to go back and teach her the gospel!!

This week during my studies I have been keeping the Atonement on my mind. As we increase our understanding of the atonement our understanding of the gospel will increase. For me understanding the atonement will help me to be a better missionary because understanding the need for the atonement and the gospel makes me want to share it with EVERYONE! Everyone is a child of God and he loves all of us!

Jesus Christ is our savior and I know he lives! I know that through the atonement we can be cleansed of our sins and return to live with our father in Heaven. 


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My new mission President and his wife as of July 1st 2016

My companion wears a suit that he got at Goodwill (basically DI) 
That is 543567890 times to big for his body! It makes him look like a fat man!

Elder Morgan likes to dress like a women on Monday mornings...LOL!

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