Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The most exciting week of my mission!


Greetings from Alva Oklahoma! I hope everyone had an awesome week because I sure did! This was probably the most exciting week of my mission. I had so much fun this week and I am now going to proceed to tell you how...

For those who have special eyes and need there reading glasses, This would be the time to put them on  😎

This week the elders and I decided to pack up and go out on the town for a little while, by that I mean Elders Morgan, Richey, and I decided to go spend our morning finding people to teach and baptize! We weren't having any luck knocking doors so Elder Morgan told us about this guy who bashed with them one time. Elder Richey, being the most wise and knowledgeable out of all of us, decided that we should go set the "basher" straight on some things. We went to his house and knocked on his door and he came out with a smile and started shaking our hands while asking us what our names were. We told him our missionary names and then he said no he wanted our real names so we told him. He then asked us if we believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and of course we told him yes! Then he asked us how we came to know that and we told him. Then the bashing started happening. Elder Morgan and I sorta stood back and watched Elder Richey and the "basher" go at it. I say basher because he never told us his name. It was pretty exciting and he was talking very loud! At one point the neighbor girl walked outside of her house looking at us laughing so Elder Morgan and I started laughing while Elder Richey held strong and continued to win the bash. Elder Holland says "Don't bash, Don't bash, Don't bash, but when you bash, bash to win!" He accepted a card and took it inside his house, therefore we won!😈 We may or may not have went back later that night to drop a Book of Mormon on his doorstep....We really just wanted to give him one more opportunity to be saved. The creepy thing is we tried going back a few hours later to drop the Book of Mormon off and he started opening his door or something so we ran away! Then we went back later that night and he was sitting in his car outside his house with his lights on so we got creeped out because he was definitely waiting for us. So we went and parked outside our house, planned for the next day and then went and did the deed. (The deed is planting the BOM on his porch)

BOM stands for Book of Mormon. We didn't really try to bomb his house. That is not missionary like and just RUDE! Plus we already won the bash 😝

We went to dinner at the Smok Shak with our investigator Bill. Him and his wife Maxine remind me so much of my grandparents! We had a great time and the food was really good! Bill got Calf Fries! For anyone who knows what those are...Yes I did try them and they were pretty good! If you do not know what calf fries are then keep reading this lovely blog and I will attach a picture that will tell you what Calf Fries are. While we were eating with Bill another one of our investigators walked in, Jimmy, the guy whose butt is always hanging out. Then it got really awkward...

Bill: Do you guys know him?
Us: Yeah that's our investigator Jimmy!
Bill: What is his last name?
Us: Simmons
Bill: Does he live kiddie corner from the school?
Us: Yeah!
Bill: Yeah they have there eye on him, They think he is a child molester.
Us: Look at each other.... *laughs..... That makes so much sense!

We figured out why he likes Elder Morgan so much!! He only ever talks to him and will ask him how we are doing. He gave Elder Morgan a pack of gum the other day after we had dinner with Bill, but didn't give Elder Richey or I one. We didn't want one because we just kept thinking of how he may or may not be a child molester. Elder Morgan's mom told him to be careful a while ago. We decided it is mothers instinct.

We taught our investigator Shyann this week at Sister Green's house. Sister Green is one of my favorite people and there are 2 reasons why.

Reason 1: She makes Shyann and us lunch every Thursday so we can teach her.
Reason 2: She is the relief society president and they are throwing a big birthday part for the whole branch to attend and she said that they are making CAFE RIO! The are making everything that Cafe Rio has because they got the recipe. I haven't had Cafe Rio forever! I AM SO EXCITED! March 12th can't come fast enough!

Shyann is so ready to be baptized! She is waiting for 2 Elders that taught her to come back and baptize her. They made her promise not to get baptized without them. (Stupid missionaries!) One of them tore his ACL and just had surgery so he has to recover and then they will be here.

We got to go to the Oklahoma City Temple on Thursday! We went as a zone and it was a lot of fun! Missionaries + Temple = Happy Missionaries!😁😁

After we went through the Temple Elders Morgan, Richey, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. I haven't been to B DUBS in forever! Plus it was 69 cent boneless wing Thursday. I felt right at home spending my money at Buffalo Wild Wings on a Thursday.

JOY GOT BAPTIZED!!! They got the font fixed so we had warm water to baptize her in! It hasn't been used in over a year so good thing we got it fixed so we can start baptizing the town of Alva! Just before the baptism started there was an earthquake! I don't think I have ever felt one before so it was super cool! We all jumped in a chair and felt the ground shake! Elder Richey said it doesn't count because he didn't feel it so he was pretty mad about that. Sister Armstrong told Joy that the earth moved on her special day. 😂 Elder Morgan got to help Elder Wheelwright baptize her. She was so happy because she has been counting down the days! She even bore her testimony during Sacrament on Sunday!

On Saturday after the baptism we went and taught a Potential Investigator named Jaime and her husband Craig. She told us she did some research and said it was ok to talk about the bible and just shut us down but we ended up teaching them about the Book of Mormon anyway. THEY KNOW THE BIBLE WELL! We spent 1 1/2 hours at there house teaching them because they would bring up stuff in the bible contrary to what we would say so we had to throw verses back at her and help her understand what the scriptures she was reading to us meant. We were sorta bashing in a way but at the same time we weren't. I have never studied for an Investigator so hard in all of my mission life! We think they are going to get baptized though! WE HAVE FAITH! We are so ready to go back and prove her wrong on everything she tried to stump us with! 😈

On Sunday night we went and taught Gwenna and Tim Kimball. Sister Johnson (Branch Presidents crazy wife) has been talking to Gwenna for a while and she said she would love to have us over for dinner and to talk about the church. We went over and she made Chicken fried steak, mash potatoes, rolls, corn, broccoli, squash and cucumbers, and then Sister Johnson made a cake. It was one the best dinners I have had on my mission! We taught them the Restoration and Sister Johnson was awesome! She served a mission so she is a professional! We invited them to be baptized on March 26th and they said YES!!

Tim and Sister Johnson kept teasing each other and at one point (after the lesson) Sister Johnson called Tim a pig and he just stood up and stormed away and brings out this pig! They have a pet pig named FRED! It was the funniest thing ever! Who just has a pet pig inside their trailer?? I love the Kimball's so much!!

Well that was my awesome week! Sorry I wrote a book but I hope you enjoyed it!

Keep being an awesome Child of God!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Temple Trip! 💒

Elder Richey's first time at Buffalo Wild Wings 🤗

Joy's Baptism! The day the earth moved, literally!!!

This is us eating Calf Fries. (Cow balls)

This is Scruffy. We found him on the road and he followed us for 5 blocks to our 
house and ran inside. We were apostate and had a pet for 15 minutes. 
We took him back to where we found him and his owner was looking for him.

Joy's dog precious looks like a sausage 😂😂

This is Fred the pig. 🐷

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