Monday, April 24, 2017

3 new investigators!


This week has been a hard working week and the blessings are starting to come!! Also I am 21 months old now. I'M OLD!!!!! Goodness gracious where has the time gone??

We have met with Diana this week and she is still reading the Book of Mormon. Slowly but surely progressing and we are just doing everything we can to help her find her answer. She is afraid to come to another baptism because the last one was 1.5 hours long when we told her like 45 minutes. She is so funny and sassy I love it!

We did a lot of finding this week. At least 3 days of straight finding. We found 3 new Investigators though!

1. Christy Sims. She just moved here from Childress Texas which is really close to Vernon and her mom is a member who has been through the temple and all that jazz. She heard the missionaries talk but never bothered to pay attention so she had some misconceptions of our beliefs but we started teaching her the Restoration and she was so happy and understood it so much better! She is super cool and wanted us to come back.

2. Erika Mitchell lives right across from Christy and we taught her the restoration as well. She was open to learning more so we will be teaching her more hopefully! She lives with her boyfriend and has a 16 month year old little boy. She is pretty cool but shy and quiet.

3. THOMAS! He is so cool! We talked about the Raiders for a little bit and he actually remembers when my uncle played for them which was cool. He was watching a movie with his wife and daughter but felt like he needed to talk to us so he paused it and talked to us forever! We are going to teach him and his family tonight. SO EXCITED!!

We really want to find a family! We are working so hard and know the Lord is blessing us but we want to see a baptism together so please pray that Elder Shira and I can accomplish that. Also that we will stay together another transfer because this one is going by too fast!

On Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Wirthlin and we had a lot of fun! It was kin
d of rainy but he was wearing a poncho and had so much fun. I will attach pics of him. It's pretty funny! We taught Sharon, who Elder Ball and I found last week, and she was ready for us and it was such a good lesson! We are going back on Friday to see her :)

So a long time ago in Vernon Elder Clarke and I knocked into a lady named Gail Martin. You might remember her from past emails...well she got baptized!!!! Elder Clarke and I didn't get to make the road trip to Vernon but we got to skype and talk to the Johnson's and Gail and it was such a cool experience!! Gail bore her testimony and in it she gave Elder Clarke, Elder Davis and myself a shout out! I am so glad I got to see a seed I planted be harvested!!

Funny Story for you! Amongst the finding efforts this week we met this lady and offered to give her a pass along card (picture of Jesus). She didn't want it at all which was weird and said that Jesus isn't white he's black. She also told us how she is from the tribe of Judah and all this jazz about Jesus being black and we tried to talk to her about different things but she didn't really know what she was talking about so she couldn't answer us. She told us Jeremiah 14:2 says Jesus is black. We looked at it once we got home and had dinner and it was the biggest joke of my life!! I will attach the scripture...

Judah mourneth, and the gatethereof languish; they are black unto the groundand the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.

I am convinced she read that scripture and based her belief off of it. Oklahoma people are literally crazy. #BibleBeltProbs

Elder Brisk😘

Real missionaries bike 🚲

Elder Clarke and I were basically companions for a day and it was so fun!!

Elder Wirthlin and I on exchanges!

Elder Shira has had many flat tires this week..

Random things from Oklahoma

We had to get rid of some mice before dinner..

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