Monday, April 17, 2017

I am a better person than I have ever been.


Remember that awesome part member family find we had last week? yeah well they had to reschedule so we are seeing them tomorrow!

This week Elder Shira and I worked super we always do of course! We took Brother Taylor out with us now that he is a member and it was such a cool experience to have him with his. We even found this guy standing outside who ranted to us about his girlfriend problems and Brother Taylor just kept telling him reading the Book of Mormon and praying really helped him in life. It was great!!

We have been meeting with Dede to go over the lessons. This time she is teaching us so it is kind of fun seeing what she remembers!

We taught the teachers and priests on Wednesday night for their young men activity. We still weren't sure what we were going to do exactly but it went so good! We taught about teaching people not lessons and even did some role plays with them! The leaders and the kids loved us and it was a lot of fun! they are trying to do a monthly missionary activity!

Elder Ball and I were on exchanges Thursday and Friday and we had so much fun! It was POURING rain on Thursday night and we were knocking doors in it! We found a cool girl named Amber who was actually interested in reading the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately all our cards, pamphlets and Books of Mormon were a little wet but she still took it. It was kind of funny we were handing out soggy pass along cards. Haha!

We also found a lady named Sharon Wood who wants us to come back Friday! She had a Book of Mormon once upon a time and is interested in meeting again. She is Methodist right now because that is the only church she could find that wasn't male dominant. She also showed a lot of interest in coming to our church some day.

The Sisters had a Baptism on Saturday and we invited Diana to come to it. We were pacing outside waiting for her and she wasn't answering her phone and we were freaking out but guess what...SHE CAME!! We are meeting with her tomorrow to see what her thoughts about it were but she met the Stake President who is an incredibly humble guy but they had a little OSU vs OU dispute. Diana is progressing very very slowly...

We had a good Easter! We were planning on knocking doors and finding people but President Mansell said it wasn't a good idea to knock yesterday so we were with some different Members. We had dinner at the Hutt's. She is a member and nobody else in her family is but she is ready to come back to church! Our Ward mission leader also had us over so we finished the lunch appointment at 4:30 and ate dinner at 5:30 so we were pretty stuffed!

This email is kind of long..sorry but I want to end with my Testimony of Christ. We are never alone because He is walking with us all the time. His arms of Mercy are always stretched forth to us but we must reach out to him. I invite you to evaluate your prayer, scripture study and church attendance. You will find ways you can make them more meaningful and I promise you will feel closer to Him than you ever have. I love my Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart and will never forsake Him.  His gospel has changed me. I am a better person than I have ever been. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and brings peace to our lives.

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Elder Brisk✌

Matching Easter ties

You could say we enjoyed Easter

Exchanges with Elder Ball

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