Monday, April 10, 2017

This transfer is going to rock!


On Wednesday we had to wake up earlier than we usually do to go teach early morning seminary and it was not my favorite thing! I don't know how those kids do that but they deserve Brownie Points! Everyone was so quiet because it was so early so it was kind of awkward but it was still good!

We have been able to read the Book of Mormon with Diana this week. She is really good about reading what we leave her. She wants to keep focusing on the Book of Mormon before moving on to Joseph Smith and other things so she is progressing but it is at a slower pace which is fine.

Steven is out of the Hospital! They still aren't sure what happened to him but he said him and his wife are more serious about finding a church now so we are going to visit him this week and help them find the church they have been looking for their entire life!!!

We had a lesson with Ron and Janessa this week and unfortunately we had to drop them. They have other things they need to work on before they will be ready to receive the restored gospel. Great family and will miss them but its all for the best.

We have been knocking SO MANY doors this week! Luckily we are able to make it fun which is good otherwise it would suck. We were knocking the street named Zion Pl. Yes the street is literally named Zion Place. So we knocked one side and it wasn't to promising and we weren't really excited to keep knocking but we knew we needed to knock the other side so we did and we had 5 people tell us to come back!!! The biggest miracle was when we knocked on the door and a lady answered. We introduced ourselves and she said she wanted us to meet someone so she went to get him and we were sitting there thinking it was going to be some guy coming to tell us to go away or bible bash with us and he came and said he is actually a Mormon and hasn't been for a while but needs to come back. We probably were open mouthed at that point and pretty shocked actually! So we are seeing them tonight and we are so excited because it is a part member family!!! #TenderMercys

We also saw Shawn again this week and had a good lesson with him. We read the Book of Mormon and felt the spirit so strong. Then he wanted to come to church with us the next day and was even asking if he could come hangout with us for a day. He said he would walk, bike do whatever he wanted to help us and we were shocked but gladly accepted! Unfortunately we went to pick him up for church Sunday morning and he didn't answer so not sure what happened. We aren't giving up on him though!!!

Elder Shira and I have talked so much this week and we know without a doubt that it was God's plan for us to be companions. Learning and growing from each other has been so great...and its only been a week!!! This transfer is going to rock! We are going to see so many miracles!

The Mission Office is moving to Edmond this week so the new address is:
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission Office
1967 W 33rd St #100
Edmond, OK 73013

Packages and Letters can either be shipped there or to my apartment now that the mission office will be right by us!

Have a great week!
Love Elder Brisk 💜

 Oklahoma Sunsets

Best Companionship EVER!!

"The companionship that eats cereal together stays together" -Elder Brisk

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