Monday, October 17, 2016

I love being a missionary and I love this work!


I am pleased to announce that we FINALLY got our new mattresses. On the downside we stayed with the Wichita Elders on Monday night and found out yesterday that they have bed bugs...I swear if we brought more of those demons into the new apartment I will burn the place down and go back to Oklahoma. I really dislike Texas..

We have been biking a whole lot more than usual! The Zone Leaders decided to ground the cars from 10am to 5:30pm everyday this week for proselyting purposes. My legs hurt, butt hurts, everything hurts, but we have talked to so many people and seen so many miracles!

We saw Robert Wright again, The guy who told me I was just talking and we basically argued with him the entire time, and we dropped him. He was just arguing again and we ended up saying we are wasting his time and our time and walked out. Some people!

We met a lady named Donna Reagan and her Dog Taco. She said we could go back and teach her but when we went back she just yelled through the door to go away. Super nice lady and will accept the gospel some day!

We met with our investigators in Seymour finally! We were at Amanda's house forever and she was just talking about everything in the world. Needless to say we didn't teach much but we left her all of the pamphlets to read over and find questions or concerns she has so we can teach more to her needs. She has been taught by missionaries forever so we don't want to waste her time and our time teaching lessons she can teach us. Last time we saw her she committed to pray about a baptism date and she did! We set a date with her for March 25th! I know it is so far away but she wants multiple people there and that will work perfectly. I am so excited for her to seriously commit to baptism!

Kellie was home when we stopped by! She was busy cooking meat loaf with her friend Lance and told us maybe next Thursday. So as we started leaving she gave us 2 referrals of people to see so we went to see them. Kellie ended up calling us apologizing for turning us away because she can make time or us so she invited us back to teach her and Lance and also fed us dinner. She wanted us to start over from the beginning for Lance so we watched the restoration video and committed them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Kellie kept saying she loves what we have taught her and it isn't to different from what she has been taught growing up but she does't believe it?? Confused on what she is talking about but we are seeing her again Thursday!

On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Christiansen. He has only been out a few weeks so it was fun to work with a brand new missionary! We had a super fun exchange and talked to 16 people in one day! We saw lots of miracles together and realized how bad Texas/Oklahoma roads are compared to Utah.

We met with Tom Smith and we were able to read the Book of Mormon with him. He has been done smoking for 3 weeks now and he isn't having a hard time with it anymore. His countenance has changed so much from the beginning of his desire to stop smoking.

While Elder Davis and I were biking we saw this lady and her 2 kids outside so we talked to them. Her name is Bambi!!! Isn't that so cool!? Her kids names are Austin (15) and Tristain (7). They just church hop around and don't have a steady church to attend. She was very open to us coming and talking with her and her kids more. We set up an appointment for Saturday!

David Bolton and his family have been a little stand offish lately. We haven't been able to teach them and they didn't come to church so we are kind of bummed about that but we aren't going to let them go!!

There are so many more miracles we have seen this week but this email is already super long. Pray for us that we may find new investigators this week who are ready to accept the restored gospel!

I love being a missionary and I love this work! The gospel truly brings lasting happiness and peace in our lives.

Love Elder Brisk

That is all.

Biking selfie

 Cheerios after a long day of biking

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