Monday, October 24, 2016

15 Months!


Hope y'all had a great week! I forgot my planner and I am not the best at remembering everything we did this week..

We have been biking a lot! We had set a goal to talk to 65 people this week and we were able to hit our goal and get 65. It took a lot of diligence and hard work but we were able to do it. Thursday night at like 8:30 we went to United Supermarket because we had a couple more people we needed to talk too! There is a saying; "If you want to baptize some people you talk to some people, if you want to baptize a lot of people you talk to a lot of people and if you want to baptize everyone you can you talk to everyone you can." Talking with people is so fun as a missionary! They give you funny looks and even run away from you :)

Now that we are in the new apartment we have been on the look out for a new washer and dryer because the mission doesn't supply them for the young missionaries. We would bike around just to ask people about Washers and dryers sitting outside their houses. It worked really well with talking to people but no luck finding one. We talked to a guy who had some so he sent us to another house to look at them and they were all old and not worth a penny. So we turned around and saw this guy sitting on his porch. Elder Davis asked him how he was enjoying the weather (because it has been in the 70's) and He said "I'm enjoying the weather and I'm enjoying Jesus!" We began to talk to this guy whose name is Dan Richardson. He tried to bash with us but we kept agreeing with everything he said so he eventually said he would look at the Book of Mormon. It was such a miracle! We went back to teach him a few days later and it was the worst lesson ever!! He didn't believe a thing and he tried to teach us and then we ended up leaving and Dan said the prayer and it was the weirdest prayer ever!! People always hold hands and pray here so I squeeze Elder Davis hand every time 😂 But Dan was saying some funky words that he either made up or was of the devil so we RAN away! LOL

We have been working hard to find new investigators but we haven't had much success. Then a miracle happened!! Elder Johnson took Robert Gomez home teaching for the first time and they were visiting a less active named Olga Ibarra and she has 8 (EIGHT) grandchildren that she wants us to teach...4 boys and 4 girls between the ages of 10 and 14....EIGHT KIDS!!! All of our hard work payed off! We are teaching them tonight with the Johnson's and then Robert is going to teach them again with us on Saturday!

Another Miracle! A member just so happened to have a washer and dryer they weren't using so we have a washer and dryer in our apartment now!!!

Sometimes the work isn't easy...sometimes nobody wants to talk to you (Mostly because they are baptist) but there is always good in each day! We see miracles so much as a missionary and being able to feel the spirit all day everyday is a great blessing. The spirit is the single most important element in this work. I am so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the power in brings into our lives. I know if we will keep the commandments we will be able to hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost more often in our lives. Blessings WILL come as we follow those promptings.

I hope you have a great week full of miracles and full of the spirit :)

E. Brisket 💙

The biggest Pecan I have ever seen!!!

Little Caesars on the Balcony 👌

There are literally to many bugs/creatures in Texas and they are so big...
That is a wolf spider that is 5 times the size of a normal one...

Mosquitoes are definitely alive and well...They can't be stopped!!

President Lowery took us out to his Ranch and Elder Davis tried to pet some cows 😂

The Smiley's were on their way back to Alva from Dallas 
and decided to take a detour out of the way to come see me. 
We went to lunch with them and it was so much fun! Love that family so much! 💙

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