Monday, October 10, 2016

Goodbye Elder Clarke...Hello Elder Davis


Transfers were on Wednesday and Elder Clarke went to Woodward Oklahoma with Elder Warren. He hadn't been feeling to good this week so hopefully he is doing better! My new companion is Elder Davis and he is from Las Vegas! Once again my companion isn't from Utah. Elder Davis has almost been out for a year. He will hit his year mark in just a few days. He absolutely loves the new apartment too! Hopefully we will get our beds this week!

We go to Seymour every Thursday so Elder Davis didn't really get to see Vernon in his first couple days but he can tell he is in Texas! In fact we were driving home from Seymour on Sunday and Sister Johnson said that she emails home what animals they saw on their way to or from Seymour this week because we always see deer, or hogs, or anything! Well not to long after she said that we came around a bend and saw this truck sitting on the side of the road and we both saw what was happening at the same time...this lady was using the bathroom and right as we drove by she stood up and pulled her pants up....So Sister Johnson didn't get to see any animals but she saw an old lady's butt...We are definitely in Texas! LOL

We haven't been able to meet with David at all this week. We saw him on Sunday afternoon but he was busy and couldn't meet with us. Hopefully we can meet with him this week! That family is awesome!

We have been doing a lot of finding since we don't have to many investigators at the moment. We kind of went on a dropping spree and dropped everyone who was't serious or ready so now we have like 5 investigators. Elder Davis doesn't like knocking doors to much too so this will be a fun week to see how many investigators we can get....totally knocking doors :)

Well we have been without mattresses since we moved into the new apartment. We checked the office today and they came...but they are like foam pads or something weird. Definitely not mattresses so looks like I am hitting the floor again this week! :)


Love Brisket 💙

That is all.

Transfers...My new companion Elder Davis,

Old Companion Elder Bills

My mission sister, Sister Snyder

Elder Clarke and I in our comp ties

We tried taking a district picture but Sister Scadden's
 camera flew off the car as it took the picture so that is why
 we are all laughing and some not looking at the camera

Last week I got to hold a turtle and this week I got to hold a baby goat :)

Elder Clarke being sick and all....don't ask what he is doing in the second picture.

Comp Unity and we didn't even plan it

Best mexican restaurant in all of Vernon!

The clouds are so weird out here!

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