Thursday, July 7, 2016

The lord has blessed us by putting people who are prepared in our path!


Happy Merca Day! 󾓦

President and Sister Mansell arrived in the mission on Thursday. We will get to meet them this Wednesday!

Transfers is coming up on July 13th. There is a good chance that I will be getting transferred and I don't want to. We will find out this coming Sunday night what will happen with transfers.

At Zone conference we were encouraged to do family history every week to find names to take with us to the temple. I found a name and I was so excited! Sister Holland has been showing us the ropes because she is a family history pro! We went back to look at the guy that I had requested to do temple work for and he was gone! Apparently I was going to seal him as a spouse to his daughter and that definitely didn't happen. So I was back to square one of searching for a name. Later this past week I found so many names!!!! It was super exciting!!

On Tuesday we got to see a lady named Annie. Sister Johnson talked to her about the Book of Mormon and she was interested in learning more. We took her a Book of Mormon and she said she would look into it and might attend church this Sunday! She didn't....

We went to Waynoka on Thursday and right when I knocked on this door an earthquake came! I call that my power and authority ;) We also had an earthquake on Monday night. We were at the Smiley's and it sounded like a car hit the house!

We also took our truck to Enid to get the rear axle looked at. That took most of the morning and a little bit into the afternoon. We are going to have to go back to get a new axle on our truck this week and it is going to take all day to do. Luckily the axle is covered by warranty. Yay for sitting in dealerships all day!

We found quite a few people to start teaching this week! The lord has blessed us by putting people who are prepared in our path!

Our neighbor told us we can come talk with him and his family. They live in a house right next to our apartments. They are super nice!

We were coming home from church and I saw one of the former investigators named Roman we had wanted to go see. We have seen him walking around but never stopped to talk to him because we were headed elsewhere. The spirit told me to go and talk to him so I turned around and we pulled up to him! We asked him how he was and he said good. Then he said he was going to say something but forgot so we sat there for a minute and he told us that he wants to get baptized. WHAT?? We were like uh... OK can we come talk to you tonight when you get home and he said yes! Unfortunately he got stuck somewhere else but we are going to see him this week!

We were out with Brother Durrence and as we were driving to see someone this guys motorcycle just died right when we got by him. I watched him and realized it wasn't working and I instatnly knew we needed to go talk to him. Once again he was another former investigator we wanted to try and see. I had never met him before though unlike Roman. This guys name is Ronny! Somehow his motorcycle just ran out of gas. Coincidence? I think NOT! He told us we can come and talk with him Wednesday night :)

Jay also called us and told us that he missed us. Jay is an Atheist and his best friends are Mormon missionaries (us). He told me that he loved me and that he only loves a few people and I am one of them. Brother Durrence was in the background listening to the conversation I had with Jay the whole time and he thought Jay was amazing! We watered their flowers why they were down in OKC so they are going to take us to Gambino's Pizza!!! BEST PIZZA IN ALVA!

We were able to see Don Saturday evening! The 6 week training he has been attending has been kicking his butt. He has been studying the Book of Mormon more and told us that his prayers are being answered. Don is awesome! He told us that he feels like his family has come together since studying with us and that he is down to 1-2 cigarettes a day. He told us his health is better than ever and he loves it! I love Don so much! Unfortunately we had to move his baptism date back to August 6 because of church attendance. I took a picture with him because I might not get to see him until his baptism if I get transferred  and he doesn't come home next weekend. It will all work out in the end though :)

Enjoy your holiday and stay safe!

Love Elder Brisk

That is all.

Alva gives everyone free newspaper flags!!! 󾓦

Potentially my last time seeing Don until his baptism 😭

Slug's (#4) have advanced and started climbing the ceiling!! 😑

My companion must have taken a selfie without me noticing...oh Elder Bills

Storm of the week (rained literally all week)

Wall clouds bring tornadoes :)

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