Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Elder Clarke and I continue to see success here in Vernon!!


I have officially been out a year! It is so crazy that I am on the count down end of my mission now. The time has flown by so fast! Of course we celebrated my "birthday" with a braums birthday cake shake :)

What a week it has been! Elder Clarke and I continue to see success here in Vernon!!

Elder Clarke decided he wanted to go hunting for a Frog. So we embarked down to the river where this frog and it's posse lives. This was the biggest frog I have ever seen! We kept getting closer so we could snap a picture of it. Right after I took this picture it went "Wah!" and jumped into the water. *See below for picture of the frog..

Wednesday was the best day of both of our entire missions!!

We started off by seeing Paul. Paul is awesome! We took the Johnson's over with us and talked about the 10 commandments. We talked about how he doesn't like his church and he liked our church. Unfortunately he didn't come to church Sunday. I don't know why. Paul is really cool though! We set a baptism date with him for August 27th!

We went to see a less active girl named Carolyn who lives really close to us. She is missionary crazy and loves getting to know all the new Elders so we have to almost hide from her. She always just wants us to come hangout but we aren't aloud to go over without a 3rd Melchizedek Priesthood holder. So we just go over every Wednesday morning with the Johnson's. They protect me since I am the "New Elder".

Elder Clarke and I decided it was time to eat lunch and we went to Mr. Jim's pizza. It is a buffet place kind of like Cici's. He claims he had a food prompting but I think he just wanted pizza. The guy cleaned up our table when we were getting the next round of food at the buffet table so we had to go get new drinks. The Muse's walked in and we were able to talk with them and get to know them a little bit. All of a sudden Elder Clarke and I both heard Celine Dion coming from the speakers and she was singing the Climax of "My heart will go on". It took everything we had not to bust out in song. Of course we sang that song the rest of the day when we weren't in public!

We went and saw Clay and Brittany. They have been taught forever!! We decided we are just going to baptize or drop everyone so we talked with them and set a baptism date with them for September 3rd! Yay for baptism dates! While we were int he lesson with them we got a missed call.

We called the number back and it was a former investigator named Brandon who was a week away from baptism and then went off the deep end. He is married to a member here and he told us he wants to change and meet with us again. So we ran (by ran I mean drove) over to his house and had a lesson with him. He is so awesome! We were able to set a baptism date with him for August 27th as well!

We decided that we were going to work through dinner and keep up the good work that day! We saw some less active members and committed them to work on either Church attendance, prayers, or scripture study. We are starting small so we can help all of our members receive strong testimonies!

We meet with a guy named Wilbert tonight. We met him the other day trying to visit a less active member and he was really nice! He let us come teach him the restoration and it was the most spiritual lesson I have ever had. He was freakin out about what he was feeling! He was all "I feel so warm and not cause it's 100 degress outside, the hairs on my neck are standing up, I feel all tingly and weird! I AM GETTING GOOSEBUMPS! How am I getting goosebumps it is 100 degrees" He knew that was the spirit and committed to a baptism date on August 27th.

We had a lesson with Ricky Corpus. It wasn't a great lesson. We taught the Word of Wisdom and he was kind of fighting us on it. We weren't sure why because he says he lives it. We may drop him if he doesn't want to continue lessons. We are going over to his house tonight to see if he read the Book of Mormon and prayed about if he wants to be baptized or not.

We saw an investigator named Sar. She is Korea not Korean and she is literally the most awkward human being! She didn't want to learn and said that Elder Clarke seemed nervous to talk to her because he was trying to think of what to do. I said "Hmm" and she said "Hmm" right after I said it and I looked at her and she said "I say Hmm cause you say Hmm!" Literally the funniest most awkward lesson ever!!

At church this random little girl who came to church with her cousin said she wanted to be baptized and I was like uhhh OK where do you live? and we figured out where she lives so we can talk with her and her family!!

This week was full of miracles. Elder Clarke and I are going to baptize everyone!!

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

Ricky Corpus!!



Tracting in Seymour selfie's!!!

Taco Bell is bae, Amen.

My family history is complete!!! Yes I really went back this far in my family tree....

Elder Clarke and I are actually related!!

Elder Clarke and I

The frog! 🐸

The best deal in Vernon...NOT!

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