Monday, July 18, 2016

Goodbye Alva OK...Hello Vernon TX!


What a week it has been. From packing 4 suitcases worth of crap into 3 suitcases, saying goodbye to my lovely Alva family, and making the 7 hour trek to Texas.

Saying goodbye to my Alva family was rough! Tears were definitely shed and I will miss them so so much! They made a huge impact on my life. I LOVE THAT PLACE!

Elder Clarke is great!! We were best friends from the car ride to Vernon! We are almost the same person! We are constantly laughing at everything! Everyday we have been together has been a successful day!

We cover 2 separate areas. We cover the Vernon and Seymour branch. It is weird attending 2 separate branch's each Sunday. Luckily they are only 2 hours instead of 3. That is still 4 hours of church though! I had to talk in the Vernon Branch Sunday and as I talked all but a few people were just watching me with straight faces. Not even a glimmer of a smile. Then I started baring testimony and everyone was smiling! Key to giving a good talk is just to bare testimony the entire time....That is your advise for the week!

Vernon, Texas...well I don't know what to think about it quite yet. The roads definitely suck worse than Oklahoma and the Oklahoma roads suck worse than Hurricanes. We need a truck in Vernon just to deal with the roads! We have a little Toyota corolla that will be getting retired soon. We named her Gweela. She is a champ! Something on the car vibrates when we drive on the highway/freeway and it is so low to the ground that all the dips in the roads will destroy it if we don't watch out for them. She also takes on birds like a champ!

Funny Story #1
Elder Clarke and I were driving back from Seymour, Texas. All of a sudden a flock of birds came out of nowhere! Literally couldn't have avoided them. I saw them coming and screamed and then Elder Clarke screamed and BOOSH! We slaughtered at least 3 birds going 75mph. We were dying of laughter. Mainly because a member just told us killing animals is against the commandment "Thou shalt not kill". When we got home we looked to see the damage to the front of the vehicle and our grille was halfway popped out of place and a bird heart was lodged in it with a few of its feathers. We laughed again!

Funny Story #2
Elder Clarke and I decided to go leave a note on the Johnson's door (Vernon missionary couple) and as we pulled into the apartment complex there was this guy who was looking at us weirdly as he walked around his apartment building. We parked the car and I got out and looked at him. He instantly plugged his ears with his fingers and ran away!! Then he looked back to see if I was chasing him! LOL I was laughing so hard!

Funny Story #3
My companion thinks he can box the string hanging from the fan that controls the ceiling fan light in our bedroom and it got all wrapped up in the top of it. So being the good companion I am I climbed up there to unwrap it while he laughed at his mistake. As I was untangling the string the ceiling fan blew up inside and sparks went flying! I not only thought I was about to die but Elder Clarke started laughing even harder! Luckily the ceiling fan didn't break and I was able to fix it! It was definitely past bed time so that is why we thought it was so funny....Also he did it again this morning....SMH

Funny Story #4
After church on Sunday our branch mission leader invited us over for dinner and because we don't get fed here I accepted the invitation for us! I didn't know he lived 20 miles out of Vernon...whoops! MOST AWKWARD DINNER APPOINTMENT OF MY LIFE! His kid was having an attitude problem. He kept saying HIPPA to his dad and he kept walking away to go control his kids. He ended up carrying the kid into his room after multiple times of leaving us to take care of his kids and told him to knock off the attitude and came back and sat down. It was super awkward. Then I started sharing a message with him and out of the corner of my eye this kid starts throwing everything in his bedroom out into the hallway. We tried to ignore it but there was no way that could happen. He told us we needed to cut the visit short tonight and we said OK and got up and RAN out of there! HIPPA!!! That is a new code word for us when we need to get out of a house!

My companion is ready to leave and thinks this weeks letter is to long. So Remember who you are, Make good choices!

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

Tejas has mountains!!!!

Elder Clarke and I :)

My Texas posse

Elder Curay's going home

My pal Sister Snyder

Good ole Elder Hansen

Elder Slack is going home

Elder Jensen, my mission brother, is back!!!

Saying goodbye to Alva

 Elder Bills 


Sister Menzel


Gwenna & Tim



The Zwiefelhofers!!!

The Wonderful Smiley Clan :)

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