Monday, August 1, 2016

Elder "Brisket" is still alive!


The field is white already to harvest!

Elder Clarke and I have been working hard this week, Just like always!

We went fishing on Monday with a recent convert/less active named Ricky Gilpatrick. Fishing was a complete failure. The only thing I caught was my jandal after I accidentally kicked it into the lake because a wasp landed right on my foot!

We had a big dinner/FHE at the Logsdon's with the Johnson's, and Muse's. It was so good! There was so much food! Elder Johnson played the drums (milk jug) while Sister Muse's daughter Sarah sang. She is a really good singer!

We were trying to visit members on our branch directory so we can get acquainted with all the members of the branch. We weren't having to much luck and we decided to knock some doors instead even though we didn't want to. So we knocked on a door and talked with this guy for a minute. He was super nice but uninterested. We started walking down the street and this lady named Amanda pulled right up to us and asked us what church we are from. We talked with her and Elder Clarke shared his testimony with her that the gospel will bless her life. She asked if it would even help her being covered in Tattoo's and rings. You could look at her and see the need for the gospel in her life. We hope to start teaching her soon!

We went to Seymour on Thursday and met with a guy named Chris Phillips. He is the manager of the Sonic in Seymour. We talked to him about the restoration and asked about Joseph Smith. He was getting ahead of us in the lesson so we slowed him down and talked to him. He told us about how he was hit by a truck head on and was dead for 22 minutes and is still alive. He said that he has a purpose here but he doesn't know what it is. I honestly didn't know why he was still here but I did know God had a purpose for him. Elder Clarke being the awesome missionary he is told him that maybe it is because God knew he needed the gospel in his life and that we would find him to share it with him. He said he feels no emotion and is just empty and doesn't want to feel that way. I promised him that the gosepl would fill the emptiness inside him. It was an awesome experience!

On Saturday we helped Robert Gomez and his family move from their home in Quanah to Vernon. They downsized from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house so they have a lot of organizing to do. The move took us from about 10-3. Dr. Rom from Quanah took us out to eat at Dickey's BBQ and it was great! Until we realized we had dinner with a member at 6. So once again I learned not to eat before your dinner appointment!

We ate dinner at the Kauffman's house. They live in Quanah and attend our branch even though they aren't in our boundaries. The kids asked if they could call me Elder Brisket and I told them the missionaries in OKC use to call me that. The nickname is still alive!!

We saw the Overstreets with President Lowery on Sunday night. The Overstreets have dairy farm and that is where the pictures of me and the cows came from. Sister Overstreet is literally my favorite. Everyone was talking about eating some nasty veggie shakes in the morning and we just looked at each other with disgusted faces and decided we would have waffles and they could drink their nasty shakes. She also brought out a chocolate pie and gave everyone that wasn't for the shakes a piece. In the end we all had a slice of pie!

Funny Story #1
Elder Clarke and I were knocking doors and this really nice lady told us she wasn't interested but to try Jack next door. So we walked over there and he was sitting on his porch and we asked him if we could share a message about Jesus Christ with him. He said he didn't want to talk about Jesus and Elder Clarke kept asking him why not and he eventually started yelling at Elder Clarke and told him to get off his property now. So we swiftly walked to the car as I laughed because Elder Clarke got roasted by this guy!

Funny Story #2
Church....Weirdest sacrament meeting of my life.
Elder Clarke and I were blessing the sacrament and while they were passing the bread Carolyn, obsessed with Elders, told us she was hallucinating and then her 2 friends, our new investigators, escorted her out of the building. We were very confused by what happened. Then we were sitting there while a member from the stake was speaking and our investigators were sitting behind us and we heard what sounded like a water bottle spilled and our investigator goes "OH" and we turn around and our investigators nephew up chucked on the floor. So Elder Clarke and I were trying not to die and make sure we didn't get hit considering we were in the splash zone. Luckily Sister Logsdon is a beast and came and cleaned most of it up without interrupting the entire sacrament meeting. The cleaner just made it smell worse though....What an exciting day!!

Carolyn, Paula, and Christopher returned after sacrament and Carolyn said she accidentally took a sleeping pill she found on her floor and she thought it was a pain pill. Somehow she made a miraculous recovery from being completely crazy to being just fine and perky. We believe she just wanted some attention.

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

The Johnson's and the Seymour Branch Building

Fishing at Lake Kemp!

We can't swim so Ricky had to get our string out of the rocks😂


Companions....what are you gonna do with them!?

I have yet to find a mirror that will accommodate my height

Giant Bell we had to ring

Found this little guy in our apartment!​

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