Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Missionaries LOVE the Temple!


Recently there has been a theft issue with my package(s) If you plan on sending me a package please send it to:

Elder Kyler Brisk
503 Magnolia Dr
Alva, OK 73717

You may still send letters to my current address

Elder Kyler Brisk
914 #2 Flynn St
Alva, OK 73717

We had a pretty busy week. Unfortunately we weren't really able to work in our area a whole lot. We had Zone Conference on Wednesday in Stillwater, District meeting in Woodward on Friday and then exchanges with the zone leaders in Enid Friday and Saturday. We did a lot of driving this week.

The zone leaders also gave us a beautiful floral couch. Our apartment is so small we could barely fit it in but on the bright side we have a couch!!! It is ugly but its a couch!!!

We have to go to Enid on Tuesday to have our truck serviced at a Nissan Dealership. Apparently our truck needs a whole new rear axle :)

Elder Bills and I have decided that as missionaries you become a total buzz kill. Since the 4th of July is approaching everyone and their dog has decided to light fireworks EVERY night. Unfortunately it isn't dark until it is about time for us to go to bed so we get to hear A LOT of fireworks before we go to bed :)

At Zone Conference we are now encouraged to do family history every week to find names that we can take to the temple. If our ward/branch is going to the temple and we have names to take to the temple we can go with them. Missionaries LOVE the temple. I don't think there is a way to explain how much missionaries love going to the temple. A good analogy would be like the worlds biggest Taylor Swift fan going to a Taylor Swift concert. I hope that helps you understand the love missionaries have for the temple.

Don left for his training again and we were unable to see him before he left. Now we have to wait clear until Saturday to see him :(

We currently have 2 investigators that are still on date for their baptism. Drexel and Shyann. We have been unable to see Drexel so we aren't sure if he will make his date or not. Shyann is still on date because her date is for November 5th of 2016. Why so far out you ask? Because she feels like she needs to wait until then. We don't like it either but whatever!

Have a great week!!

Elder Brisk

That is all

Our goal is for all 3 of us to be companions one day :)
Elder Nicholas, Me, and Elder Bills

Elder Neves goes home in 2 weeks.  I'm going to miss that Peruvian boy!

Other Random pics from Zone Conference.
Elder Van Halder and I

Elder Bledsoe, Sister whose name I forgot, Sister Rees, Sister Weber, and I
Plus other random people in the back ground..

    We said Goodbye to President and Sister Walkenhorst at Zone Conference. 😭
                                               The Mansell's will arrive on Thursday this week!

Elder Bills fell asleep on the way home from zone conference and I scared him SOOOOOO bad!! 😂

Exchanges with Elder Mangum! He said he wasn't going to eat a cookie

My companion moaning and having compulsions in his sleep 😂😂

Once again we thought Alva was going to burn down.

Stillwater has Transformers

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