Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I love Alva and I love this branch.....I hate humidity!


Sorry last week's email was terrible. Zone P-day was so fun though! We did little minute to win it games and somehow I got chosen to participate in the paper airplane game. The goal was to make a paper airplane and fly it as far as you can in a minute. Well I use to be really good at that when I was a child but somehow I forgot how to make a good paper airplane so I threw a snow ball with wings. No we did not get last place in that game thank you very much.

We also played water balloon volleyball and that was really fun! President Walkenhorst showed up out of nowhere and everyone was wondering what the heck he was doing there. When President Walkenhorst calls you or you see him somewhere other than where you expect him you evaluate yourself in hopes that you realize he isn't going to rebuke you.

Elder Mendlove and I were put in charge to gather everyone up to play ultimate Frisbee and since missionaries are oblivious to people yelling at them we stood on the stage and sang the ABC's together. It was actually really fun because everyone started clapping their hands and beat boxing to it. That still didn't get everybody's attention so I pulled out the old primary trick and said if you can hear me touch your nose and some did and then I said if you can hear me fold your arms and everyone was folding their arms looking at me and then I said if you can hear me run outside to play ultimate Frisbee and this group of missionaries rampaged through the door outside. #PrimarySkills

We went to Beedles Nurisng home to help the Old folk play bingo on Tuesday. We hadn't gone to help out the past few times and when we walked in everyone about fell out of their wheel chairs! They were so happy to see us! I guess if someone helped me play bingo I would love them too!

We met with Don this week and we decided to teach him the Word of Wisdom. It was awesome except for the fact we sat outside on the porch for this lesson. Was Don basically committing himself to live the Word of Wisdom worth all the sweat? Of course it was!

We knew that Don was going to be doing a training since he is working at the prison and they decided to start it this past Sunday. Don wasn't able to come to church and he was actually pretty bummed about it. The training is 6 weeks long and he will come home Friday nights and leave on Sunday afternoons. So hopefully this Sunday Don and his family will be able to come to church but we will only get to see him on Saturday nights now :'(

Humidity is the worst thing ever. When it is over 100 degrees with humidity you might as well curl up and die. Elder Bills and I were getting home at 9:30 one night and it was 98 degrees with 50000% humidity.

THE HOLLAND'S ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!! 😄😄
Elder and Sister Holland FINALLY arrived on Friday evening. We thought they would have been here on the 11th, and then on Thursday so FINALLY they are here. They really like their new home which is good because if they didn't they would of had to trade us apartments and they would HATE ours. Of course I asked Elder Holland if he was related to the apostle and he told me he actually just found out he is not really a Holland so no. That is OK though because I still make apostle jokes to him and he loves it!

On Sunday there was this random guy at church and so I sat by him:

1 because I am a missionary
2 He was sitting in the spot next to mine where I always sit.

Anywho come to find out that he is Randy Stewart from Waynoka and that he hasn't been to church in 20 years. For some reason he just decided that he would be in Alva on Fathers day and would come to sacrament meeting. Everyone in the branch was basically interrogating me on who was sitting by me and when they found out it was a Stewart from Waynoka they couldn't believe it!!

Brother Stewart was so nice! He told us to come by whenever we want :)

Miracles are in the works people! The branch has been praying at 7pm every night for missionary work and we are starting to see it working. I love Alva and I love this branch! Not just because everyone, not just the fathers, got donuts and brownies on fathers day! 😏

Missionary work requires the members and the missionaries working together otherwise it won't be as effective as it should be. Call up your local missionaries and invite them over for dinner or take them to lunch or have them share a message with you and your family! They will love it and I KNOW you will love it too. Volunteer to help them by praying for their investigators or families they are working with. Don't wait to be asked to help. Just do it!

I hope you enjoy the overload of pictures from the last 2 weeks :)

Love Elder Brisk 💙

That is all.

Enid Zone P-Day/STM

Me riding in a combine with the little Sister Anderson 🚜

When a severe storm comes through in the middle of the night but you are dead asleep...😶

Oklahoma Scenery for y'all

Elder Bills drawing of the Alva apartment

Slug #2

Brother Z actually really loves us 💙

McDonald's is our source for the temperature! :)

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