Monday, June 6, 2016

Elder Bills has joined me in Alva!


Transfer week is officially over! Elder McVey is now in Del City Oklahoma and Elder Bills has joined me in Alva Oklahoma!

People that can talk for 5 days straight in Oklahoma are called Okie talkers. On our way back from transfers we made the mistake of stopping to visit the Morris family. Brother Morris is an Okie talker. We were literally there for 1.5 hours listening to him talk about people we didn't even know. The funny part is his wife got mad that he wouldn't let us talk so she left and came back about an hour later and we were still there!! She told us to run out the door or we would be late to our next appointment.😂

We also saw Tim and Gwenna Kimball. Tim was the only one home for a little bit so it was good to be able to talk with just him. Gwenna is one of my top favorites. She knew we were there and she just brought us s XL Dr Pepper from Sonic. She knows me so well!! 😄

We were able to teach a guy named Michael Ashbaker who referred himself! He is so solid! He told us that it is time he takes over as the father he should be and involve Christ in his families lives. He told us that he wants to change his life to they way Christ wants him to live. Unfortunately his wife was working and his kids were being apostate at the pool so we only got to teach him. We taught him the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I have NEVER had an investigator so excited to read the Book of Mormon. He practically told us to leave so he could go read it. We are going back to teach him and his family on Thursday and I am so excited!! #Miracles

Elder Bills and I have had so much fun! This is going to be the best transfer ever! We find a little black jumpy spider in our apartment everyday and he hates spiders! He was going to hit it with his shoe and I screamed when he was about to hit it and I sacred him so bad! I laid on the floor laughing for a few minutes.

We were talking with the Woodward Elders on Sunday night while we were laying in our beds and I looked at the bottom of my bed and their was a freakin SLUG on the floor!! I am not even kidding. It was the biggest slug I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE!! I accidently touched it's nasty slime and I wanted to throw up! Elder Bills and I were freakin out and the Woodward Elders were so confused on what was happening. We may or may not have brutally killed it.... :)

Remember who you are, make good choices!!

"That's Brisk Baby!"

That is all.

Elder Bills and Isaac and a sno cone :)

This is Jabba the Hutt, the slug we found in our apartment. 

This is a tick we found on Elder McVey the night before he got transferred

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