Monday, June 13, 2016

Alva missionaries aka Alva moving crew!


This week was just crazy! That is how I will put it.

Yes we did find another Slug in our apartment and are now looking for a new place to live because ours is being invested by creepy crawlers and it is not worth the rent.

Our truck had to get an oil change and they said there is a bolt broken that will need fixed so they want us to come back to Woodward to get it fixed in a couple weeks and we don't have miles for that! I hate transfers because it makes us lose 320 miles.

Elder Bills finally got to meet Don. We went by his house but his brother who lives next door told us that Gabe had a game so they were at the ball fields and I told Gabe we would watch him play sometime so we went up to the field. Unfortunately the game was over but that worked perfect! We took them to the church which is literally right by the ball fields and gave them a church tour. Don said that he had goosebumps as they looked around the church. It was great! Then we had a spiritual lesson with them where we committed Don, Tristain, and Gabe to be baptized on July 9th and they accepted! WAHOO! Don was very emotional that whole night. It was the best!

This week Elder Bills and I have not been the Alva missionaries but the Alva moving crew. We had to deep clean the Holland's new apartment because we were under the impression they were arriving last Saturday and then we had to move all the furniture from Woodward to Alva in a U haul. Driving the U haul was quite the experience. It didn't have cruise control so my foot was cramping after driving for an hour. The Armstrong's helped us out and gave us root beer floats for our hard work!

We did do an exchange with Woodward this weekend and that consisted of moving all that stuff to Woodward from Alva and then going back to Woodward and then Saturday morning moving their furniture into their new apartment.

We had a lesson with Drexel on Sunday night and we taught him the Plan of Salvation We set a baptism date with him for July 9th as well! It was a great lesson besides the fact that we were bashing with our member while teaching the investigator! In fact at this very moment I am typing this email he is texting us still trying to fight us on the gospel... Never in my entire life have I had to bash with a member of the church. Good thing I love this member or I would rebuke him hard core.

The Hollands will be arriving around Thursday this week and we are super excited to have them in Alva! The branch can't wait for more missionaries!

We have been getting everyone in the branch to say a prayer for missionary work in Alva and missionary opportunities for themselves every night at 7. We are hoping to see some miracles coming from that shortly.

Elder Bills and I are having so much fun! Cows are the funniest thing to us now. It is an inside joke. You just had to be there! We were laying in our beds last night laughing our heads off. Just picture a cattle truck flying by you on the high way and then a cow falling out. That is only half of it 😂🐄😂

Brother Smiley is one of my favorite members. I think we are just a little bit to close. He was telling us about how he woke up pooping his pants one time and Elder Bills and I were on the ground laughing/crying our heads off and he was just calm as can be telling his story. Lets just say he destroyed a truck stop bathroom!

Sorry if this email seems rushed. We had like an hour to email today because we are going to Enid to have some fun with the other missionaries in the zone. I left my camera at home so I am unable to send pictures this week but I will be sure to send them next week!

As President Walkenhorst would say "Love and appreciate ya!"

Elder Brisk

That is all.

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