Monday, August 31, 2015

The Temple is small but the Spirit is strong


On Monday Elder Karr and I got haircuts at wally world. We talked to the lady that cut our hair and she knew who we are and what we do. We tried to convert her and when she told me what she thinks a church should be like and she described our church 100% I told her she would love our church and we told her where it was and gave her a pass along card with our phone number on it. She hasn't called unfortunately. 

On Tuesday my zone went through the Oklahoma City Temple! 

The temple is way small but the spirit was still there as strong as ever! I really enjoyed going through the temple. The little stress I had disappeared and I was able to be at peace. 

We found this cool spider outside the temple that was the size as my hand! OK, just kidding, it wasn't that big but it was bigger than your everyday spider. We threw a dead bug into it's web and watched it wrap it up. We left after that...

This week was better than last week but we didn't get to teach a lot unfortunately. I met one of our less active recent converts, Derrick. He had a lot of birds in his house. If you didn't guess that is his favorite animal. He had the little birds off of the Pixar commercial where the little birds beat the big white bird up, look it up if you don't know what I am talking about.

We saw our investigator Terry and he wasn't able to schedule a surgery date so we don't know when to set a baptism date with him. We told him that we would like him to set his own baptism date because he is so ready to be baptized it's just up to him to take that step. Elder Karr and I attempted to change the tire on his van but for some reason it wasn't like any other car so the apartment complex maintenance guy, that is friends with Terry, changed it and we gave moral support.

We also saw our other investigator Marcus. It is kind of hard to see him because he is always busy. We did get to go over the restoration with him and he said he prays every morning and night. We got him to start reading the Book of Mormon because he was failing in that department lately. We set a baptism date with him for September 19! He is a little behind Terry but I know he will be ready by then if he reads and prays. He is really funny. He said that Elder Karr is too white to be from Utah because I am a lot darker than him. Marcus also said I could be a slave driver because I always ask him if he reads, prays, if he is coming to church, etc. Because of that he also said people from Utah are scary! Haha he is just joking with us because he likes to push Elder Karr's buttons but he really does like us. I don't think he was kidding about the whole slave driver thing though...

We met a few people this week while we were knocking doors and we have a few potentials. They all seem really excited to let us talk with them and teach them. They seemed pretty solid so hopefully they won't bail on us!

We have been pushing the prayer for missionaries/missionary work with everyone and I can really see the prayers working. Everyone seems do be doing really good and I am excited to start teaching more people! Riding bikes around OKC and not teaching anyone is really boring!

READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! There is so much knowledge you can gain from reading them! I challenge everyone to read their scriptures and to pray to know that it is true if you don't already. Look for missionary opportunities and take them! Live your life in harmony with the teachings of the gospel so that you will always have the spirit with you and you will see the blessings it brings! I love you all so much!!

Remember who you are! Make good choices!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Sister Garner and Sister Boulter of the OKC 2nd ward
aka our chauffeurs

Downtown OKC from afar

One of many church signs

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