Monday, August 10, 2015

Greetings from Oklahoma City!


Greetings from Oklahoma City!! 

Yes, I have finally escaped the prison they call the MTC. I'M FREE!! There was a group of 31 missionaries all coming to the Oklahoma City Mission on Tuesday with me. We pretty much took over the flights from Salt Lake to Oklahoma. When we got to Oklahoma, we got off the plane and headed for the baggage claim where we ran into President Walkenhorst and his wife. My Mission president is 7FT TALL! everyone had huge smiles on there face when we saw how tall he was! I can honestly say I felt like I was 5 years old when he hugged me. From the airport we all loaded into the vehicles and went to the church. We had orientation and ate lunch. Everyone got to take a picture with the mission president and his wife. 

Transfers are on Wednesday's and since we came on a Tuesday, half of us slept at the mission home and the other half slept at a few different apartments. We all met at the church in the morning where we met our new companion and got assigned our first area!

My companion's name is Elder Brandon Karr. He is from Sandy, Utah and has 7 months left on his mission. We have quickly become best friends in the past 5 days I have been in the mission field. We are serving in the OKC 2nd North area. Lucky me that happens to be 1 of the 2 FULL biking areas...It's really hot and humid right now so when we arrive at investigators homes we are sweating like crazy. It is suppose to start cooling down a little bit, but we are working on getting a car to use during the middle of the day. I will be in this area for at least the next 6 weeks. Sister Garner and Sister Boulter are in the OKC 2nd South area and they have a car so they give us rides from time to time.

On the bright side we have one of the nicest apartments in the whole mission! Doesn't really matter since we won't be home all day but I guess that is how they compensate us for being biking missionaries. 

My new address:
5605 S. May Ave
Apartment F
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Dining room

As you walk in

Ghetto kitchen that serves it's purpose

My bed is the one on the left

Bedroom bathroom and closet

Hall bathroom

Front Door

Ours is the top one on the right

Study room and my goofy companion Elder Karr

The blue outline is our ward and the green outline (top half) is our area

Elder Karr has been making appointments with some of our investigators and recent converts for me so I can start meeting everyone. We have an Investigator whose name is Ronny Bolinger and he is getting baptized on August 15th! I don't know if I can really count him as a baptism because I wasn't one of the missionaries who converted him but I am going to anyway! I have also met Terry Stephen's who is almost ready to get baptized, he just has a few concerns and wants to finish reading the Book of Mormon. Conor Johnson is one of our recent converts who comes teaching with us when we need another male to go teach a sister. He drives us so we don't have to ride our bikes. He is a really funny kid, but unfortunately he is moving to Norman to attend OU so he won't be able to come teaching with us anymore. Sunday night we taught the restoration to one of our referrals. His name is Michael and he is now an investigator! I was kinda scared to teach him but my companion said that I did really good. I'm excited to start teaching Michael and hopefully we can convert him!

When people sign up to feed us dinner, they feed the sister's as well so they give us a ride. We have ate at the Bolinger's, Judy's, and Lusk's house. The lusk's forgot we were coming over for lunch on Sunday after church. They got our confirmation text at midnight Sunday morning and Sister Lusk said she was just going to make spaghetti. We were at the Lusk's house and after about 15 minutes Sister Lusk found out that she didn't have any noddles for the spaghetti. She said that we would have to use the "Mormon macaroni" and none of us knew what that was. Apparently that is what they call the macaroni from the church for food storage. The Lusk's said they think the macaroni isn't very good. We all thought it was really good though, even sister Lusk! I told them that the blessing on the food must have really helped! 

I met a lot of the people in our ward (OKC 2nd) on Sunday. Surprisingly quit a few people knew where Hurricane is! Only a couple of them pronounced it right though. I had to tell them how to pronounce it. Some of them knew people from Hurricane, but I didn't know them.

On Friday's and Saturday's we wake up at 5:30 and go play basketball at the church with our district. I barely like waking up at 6:30. Oh well.

So far I have really enjoyed being in Oklahoma! The people are extremely nice and it's interesting to see a community without the minority having the gospel in their lives. It makes me realize that back in Hurricane we are spoiled for growing up with the gospel all around us. Don't take the gospel for granted!! Until next time.

Sincerely Elder Brisk

That is all.

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