Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 4


This week was a little hard. I started to miss my friends and family but I know that they will be blessed for my decision to serve a mission. My dad told me that there will be bad days but what I need to do is look forward to the good days because there will be more good than bad. When I start thinking of home I tell myself the fastest way I will be able to see my family and friends again is to lose myself in the work and 2 years will fly by.

This past week Elder Karr and I were working with our Investigator Ronnie Bolinger. I have been able to see the smoking program work through Ronnie and his wife Debra. He got baptized on Saturday August 15th, confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting on the 16th, was called as a ward mission leader and family history consultant, and was ordained to the office of a priest. When he bore his testimony at the baptism I was able to truly see the effect the gospel in people's lives who haven't grown up in it. I felt like my testimony sucked compared to his, but I know that mine will continue to grow stronger every day.

On Tuesday all the missionaries that have been out for a long time had a big meeting that went almost all day. While my companion, Elder Karr, was in the meeting I was in a trio with Elder Rader and Elder Quionez. We have all been out for maybe a week and had to take over my area for the day. I was freaking out because I didn't know how to get around yet but how everything worked we were able to do our studies and run a few Book of Mormon's around to people Elder Karr and I found while knocking doors one night. It also helped that we were able to use a car, but since we are all new none of us had a Tiwi card. Every mission car has a computer hooked up to it that tells the missionaries to slow down and sends reports to the mission office. President Walkenhorst let us use his Tiwi card so we were being very cautious!!

The people in Oklahoma are super nice! We get fed dinner almost every night and it has been really good so far! There is a new park in Moore that was playing a movie on a projector for the grand opening. All the missionaries in my zone went and helped direct parking for a couple hours. Elder Karr and I got the easy job, we told people they couldn't park in the drop off zone. Elder Karr and I went and helped sister Berger pack up her things because she is moving to noble. Her house had cockroaches EVERYWHERE! Elder Karr killed one with our was really gross. 

It really sucks when people cancel on us. We have had some really solid people who end up not being home when we bike all the way to the end of our area to teach them. It is really frustrating. Everyone was really busy this week so we didn't have the chance to teach a lot.

I'm loving Oklahoma so far and can't wait to see more people accept the gospel! Multiple people have told us that just coming to see them gives them confirmation that they are being watched over. I can't wait to see more people get baptized and change their lifestyle for the better. Our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. He wants us to talk to him. Remember that it is a COMMANDMENT to pray! Pray often. If you have nothing to ask for then thank him for what you have! 

Sincerely Elder Brisk

That is all.

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