Monday, August 24, 2015

Time is flying!


It's me again and as you can read I am still alive and well.

Saturday was my one month mark! The time has flown by so fast! Everyone told me when I start to lose myself in the work the time would fly. They weren't kidding!

This week was alright! I got packages from family and I think there goal is to fatten me up. They must not have faith that all the Okie food will do that. ;) 

This week we had the Veterans meeting for all the missionaries that came out this transfer. It went from about 8-12 and then they fed us lunch but I had another meeting that went from 1-4 and so it was a really boring day. The people here are starting to frustrate me because everyone keeps canceling on us. One day we went to try different families and nobody was home. That day turned out to biking for a straight 2.5 hours. We finally went to a families house and they were home and let us in. They said we were just in time for toast? Yes they were eating a plate of toast for lunch?? Some peoples kids. They were really nice and we were able to talk to them. Hopefully we will be able to get them to start becoming more active!

I also got to go on an exchange this week. Elder Curay and I took over my area and I got to show him around and introduce him to some of our investigators. We went and saw my investigator Terry Stephens. He has been taught the lessons for about 3 months now. HE IS SO CLOSE TO BAPTISM! He has a few concerns and I think after we talked to him they kind of faded away. We extended a invitation to work towards September 26 as a baptism date but he is going to have surgery sometime soon and so when we figure out when he will be out of the hospital we can set a date. HE DIDN'T SAY NO! He understands everything so well and he even gives out Book of Mormon's and the pamphlets we give him. He is a missionary for his apartment complex! He will be baptized soon I know it!

I like to think of myself as the best companion ever! That is because while we were on exchanges, Elder Karr and Elder Bueno got into a bible bash and it made them so frustrated. Elder Karr couldn't stop thinking about it for 2 days. I helped him forget about it. I also cook and clean so there's that as well. One of the members in our ward gave us a big bag with waffles, bacon and some other stuff because she can't feed us. So this morning I cooked the waffles, bacon, and eggs. The waffles were cooked so we had to heat them up and they were crunchy. The weirdest waffles I have ever had. It was really good though!

Everyday we send out a daily scripture text. Elder Karr decided that we were going to switch off everyday with the phone and so the two scriptures I have sent out are 3 Nephi 27:19 and Alma 7:23-24. The scripture in Alma is probably one of my new favorite scriptures. I invite everyone to open up there Book of Mormon and read them!

All of the missionaries in our stake got together and decided to pray every night between 7 and 8 for missionaries/missionary work. We have been extending that invitation to the members of our ward and I would like to invite everyone to do that as well. We hope that if everyone participates we will see many miracles in our stake.

I am loving the mission and I can't wait to start teaching more people! Thank you for all of the support and prayers! It really helps.

Remember to read your scriptures, and to pray! Love you all!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

This is my posterity tie. Elder Karr's trainer (Dad) handed it down to him and since he is my trainer (Dad) he handed it down to me and I will hand it down to my trainee (Son)

Here are some pictures I just received from when I was in the MTC
      Left to right: Elder Brinkerhoff, Elder Futrell, Elder Ricks (my companion), Me, Sister Garner, 
Sister Franklin, Elder Hays, Elder Terry, Elder Ludlow, Elder Bohne

We were by far the best district in the MTC

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