Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Frustration! It's part of being a missionary.


We were in a trio on Tuesday for a little bit. Elder Gardner came with us while Elder Jeffs was at MLC so we saw Kelvin and Mona with him. Elder Gardner has only been out for 2 weeks and he is awesome!

This week we have been working with Kelvin and he is starting to frustrate me!! He wants to be baptized, is reading the Book of Mormon like a saint..but HE WON'T COME TO CHURCH. He has issues with vehicles, won't walk there, thinks there is to many people and thinks our visits should be church. Even Bishop visited him with us and he still didn't budge!! He has been praying about coming so keep him in your prayers specifically that he will attend church before I lose my mind!!

Mona told us some of her friends that are always at the apartment complex felt like we were trying to convert them so they aren't going to sit in anymore. Mona asked about it and we told her that we convert people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her friend Tiana came over and listened to us teach the restoration. Tiana wasn't interested but said she would pray about it!

We visited an investigator Elder Shira and I found a few months ago named Thomas. We haven't really had a real lesson with him so we talked with him and his wife Dena. They go to life church which is basically a rock concert so we are going to do a church swap with them in 2 weeks where we go to life church (to get free donuts) and they come to our church! While we were talking we got on the subject of temples. Dena is very familiar with our church, has attended before and was teaching her husband about the temple via old testament. She knew about the Holy of Hollies, Levitical Priesthood/law, etc. I don't know how she knows all of that and still goes to life church??

On Saturday there was a hot air balloon festival at Mitch Park so we had 20 missionaries there volunteering! It was so fun! I was inside a bounce house for 5 hours straight! We also had a booth setup and got free food for helping! The hot air balloons were really cool but they didn't fly them.

That was basically the highlights of this week. Happy 4th of July!! The scriptures teach against the phrase "Eat, drink and be merry!" don't do that.
Remember who you are, make good choices!

Love Elder Brisk 

Emergency stop for FREE Cherry Limeades!

 I taught Elder Hansen how to get gas!!! He did so good.

 Mitch Park!

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