Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Exchanges in the Village


I can't believe it is already Monday. Time is flying by so fast! AHHHHHH

You're never gonna believe what we did this week....WE SANG TO KELVIN!!! He wanted to sing a hymn and then he didn't know any English so somehow we ended up singing Nearer My God to Thee to him with a member and it was SOOO BAD!! That is the first and last time I will ever do such a thing! lol

Another funny story of the week. We are teaching this super old lady in OKC named Osa Jones. We asked her if we could say a prayer before we started reading and all she heard was "start reading" so she began reading the chapter. For some reason we just let her keep going. I looked at her freezer and realized it was not shut tight from when she was getting us ice earlier so I got up and went to shut it but it wouldn't shut!! Osa was still reading and had no idea I was in the kitchen so I tried to shut it a few times but it wouldn't work so I had to open the freezer, grab this huge bag and throw it in the back of the freezer and it was so loud!!!! OSA HAD NO IDEA!! I sat down and she was still reading away so Elder Hansen and I were laughing so hard we stopped Osa and asked "Do you understand what it is saying?" and she replies "I think so.." IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!

We were on exchanges in the Village this week. Their apartment is the smallest, nastiest apartment by the way and somehow 4 of us stayed the night there. I was with Elder Gardner and it was a lot of fun! We went and taught Tracy the man. Yes you read that right, Tracy is actually a man but chooses not to be. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to read it every day. We also taught this bible referral the restoration and it went so good! We had a member come see their investigator Val with us and she was awesome! She was like "What do people mean when they say God spoke to them? God doesn't talk to me, what are they talking about??" So we taught her about the Holy Ghost and she really like it! Then the member brought us Braum's afterwards :)

We tried to teach Kathy and Danielle this week but they had some events going on where we weren't able to. We briefly talked to Kathy about the Book of Mormon and she told us how her husband isn't to fond of us but she was telling him that maybe they could become mormon because she learned so much from talking with us for a few minutes. She is so cool!!!!!

We have 2 new part member families we found this week who want to have us over to teach the husbands so we are pretty excited about that!! Edmond is the best place ever! I love being a missionary :)

Love Elder Brisk
That is all.

Exchanges in the Village with Elder Jeffs and Elder Gardner

2 rounds of free slurpees from 7/ll
Free Chick-fil-a for dressing up like a cow

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