Thursday, July 13, 2017

Homecoming info.


Well it's official, I got my flight itinerary this week and I gave my departing testimony in Zone Conference! I love and miss all you and can't wait to see you soon! Feel free to be at any of these 2 events, would love to see you there!!

St. George Airport                                                      
Thursday, August 3rd at 1:10 pm                               
4550 S Airport Pkwy, St George               
(Airport-->Cafe Rio-->Swig-->Home)

Homecoming talk
Sunday, August 13th at 9am
677 S 700 W Hurricane

Kelvin was SO close to coming to church. We had a member teach him Saturday morning with us. Kelvin never said yes or no to coming and so I said okay we will pick you up in the morning, we said a prayer and then left. Well Sunday Morning he answered the door and we told him we're going to church if you're coming we got to go and he thought for a second and said no. Keep him in your prayers.

We met a lady named Kathy and her daughter Danielle this week. They are so cool and interested in coming to church with us! Kathy grew up in a Mormon family until she was 7 and she really likes the church and it's focus on family. We are going to try and meet with them this week!

We finally taught Jeff! He is the guy we helped move into their new house when we were down in the City and he was so open to hearing our message! it was pretty cool and we are going back to teach him, his wife and their 9 year old daughter on Saturday!

This week we should be able to see quite a few of our investigators, wish us luck!!
Elder Kyler Brisk

4th of July in Downtown OKC
      We met with a less active who wouldn't let us leave without taking his food.
 I might be eating straight cereal for the next couple weeks.

Random pics from this week/saying goodbye at zone conference.

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