Monday, November 16, 2015

I love being a missionary!


I am excited that I am now under my second Tornado warning. Monday (Today) at 8:30 pm there will be large severe hail and thunderstorm with possible tornado's. As I look outside I can see the trees flying to the north and it is all cloudy and stormy and all that fun stuff!

This week was another awesome week! Our numbers were excellent! This week we taught 8 lessons to our investigators with members present. That is a key indicator that always does well for us because we have the best ward ever. People like to say that we are the one and only true ward. Only in Oklahoma though because the Hurricane 3rd ward is awesome! I suggest you move into it's boundaries ASAP!

We were able to teach our investigator Barbara this week! We are going to be starting the stop smoking workshop. It is designed to help you stop smoking PERMANENTLY! We taught her the Word of wisdom and told her that it is a commandment and if she wants to be baptized she has to quit smoking and she said OK! She is probably our most solid investigator!

So our area is not as nice as the sisters area. Elder Neves and I were trying to find a house one day and we stumbled upon this really nice neighborhood IN OUR AREA! The lawns were all cut and green and the best part is that there was sidewalk on BOTH sides of the road! Having sidewalks is like a miracle in Oklahoma. For some reason Oklahoma didn't think that sidewalks or left hand turn lanes were needed....They are.

Anyway! I picked a house to knock on and a lady answered and we asked if we could say a prayer. She told us as long as that was all we wanted because she was busy and we told her yes. I said a prayer and after she said thank you and we asked if we could give her a Book of Mormon and she said YES! We asked if we could come back sometime and talk about it and she said YES! I hate to say this but we lied to her. We wanted more than just to say a prayer with her and we got it!!

There is a chiropractor who is a member and so we get to see him once a month because he helps missionaries for free. I thought he broke my neck but he said he was loosening me up so I won't get headaches as often. So far it has worked! He also used a little shocky pen on me and I was pretty much having a seizure on his bed chair thing. Elder Neves and I were laughing so hard! It was the weirdest feeling!

WE GOT TO TEACH MARCUS! We taught Marcus the plan of salvation and he loved it! He payed attention and was asking questions. He has changed so much from when I first started teaching him. He is the only investigator we have who is making the effort to come to church. I am so proud of Marcus! He has definitely been prepared by the lord for us!

I got the opportunity to go on exchanges on Friday. I went to Mustang Oklahoma with Elder Keller and Elder Van Halder came to my area to be with Elder Neves. Elder Keller and Elder Van Halder are our zone leaders and since Elder Neves is the district leader we have to do exchanges. The zone leaders area isn't doing to good. There are problems with the ward not being unified. After an unsuccessful day with Elder Keller he started to talk to me about his area and the problems it faces. I got to play zone leader and give him counsel. I really helped him out because he was struggling. He was lacking the faith to find. So we went outside and talked to everyone we saw. I helped him build up faith and he said that the 5th person we find will listen to our message and guess what...It happened!! Elder Keller also helped me find ways to improve my area.

After that I have a feeling I am going to get called as a district leader soon....what have I done!!?

Our area is on fire right now! Elder Van Halder keeps asking why our area isn't the Zone leader area because our area is "The perfect model area" I guess that means we are doing something right!

We help out at the Food Bank every Wednesday. About a month ago I helped a lady named Cindy shop and she showed so much interest in the church. After a month we were finally able to meet with her and we had an awesome lesson! She told us that just talking with us made her feel better and she is excited to learn more and wants to start coming to church!

I love being a missionary! I am having so much fun! Teaching lessons is really exciting especially when you have awesome investigators!

This week I have studied faith a little bit. In Alma 14:26 Alma and Amulek are imprisoned. They ask God for strength according to their faith. Because of the amount of faith they had there cords were broken and they were set free.

The lord gives us trials all the time. We have to exercise our faith to overcome these trials and as we do so our faith will grow stronger. I have had times on my mission where my faith has been tested. I have overcome those trials and my faith has grown so much along side with my testimony. This week I want all of you to find ways to exercise your faith. You will see the lord bless you and see your strength increase!

I love you all and I am so thankful for your support!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Lance and Marie are married!!!!!!!

My first time being outside the City!! I even saw a cow!

We always have to deal with these crazy sisters!!

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